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Kitty O Neil Causes Death

Kitty O’Neil (American stuntwoman, speed racer) was a famous stuntwoman who broke records and performed daring stunts throughout her entire career. At 72, she died in Eureka South Dakota on November 2, 2018. She died from pneumonia, which is a common respiratory infection and can be fatal for seniors or people with weak immune systems.

Kitty O’Neil, in memory of her contribution to the film and her remarkable career as a stuntwoman was awarded the In Memoriam section of the Oscars 2019. Although she is no where to be found, her legacy will live on as an inspiration for aspiring stunt performers and everyone who values courage, determination, and willingness to take chances in pursuit of their dreams.

Kitty O Neil, What’s the Matter?

Kitty O’Neil is a legend stuntwoman and speed-racer who had a major impact on the entertainment business throughout her career. Before she retired, she set a remarkable 22-speed record on both water and land.

O’Neil died on November 2, 2018 at 72 from complications of pneumonia. Despite her tragic death, her legacy lives on. She was honored at the 2019 Oscars In Memoriam segment.

Kitty O’Neil’s outstanding contributions to the film industry, and her unwavering devotion to her craft, will always be remembered. Her extraordinary achievements and her fearless spirit inspire generations of stunt performers and race car drivers.

What Did Kitty O Neil Die From?

Kitty O’Neil was a well-known stuntwoman and speed runner who reached many milestones throughout her career. In 1977, Ky Michaelson built a hydrogen peroxide-powered rocket speedster that she piloted. It was able to reach speeds of 279.9 mph (449.8 km/h in the Mojave Desert). It was not recorded as an official drag racing race record because it was not repeated under NHRA rules.

Stockard Channing starred in a biographical movie titled “Silent Victory. The Kitty O’Neil Story.” It was based on O’Neil’s personal experiences. She said that the film only represented half her life accurately, but it allowed her to tell her story to an even wider audience.

O’Neil, who had lost several stunt colleagues in a tragic accident in 1982, was forced to leave speed and stunt work. Raymond Wald and O’Neil moved to Eureka (South Dakota) where she died from pneumonia on November 2, 2018. Despite her death in 2018, her contributions to the entertainment business were not forgotten. In 2019, O’Neil was honored with the Oscars’ In Memoriam segment. O’Neil’s incredible career and achievements continue inspire and motivate people.

Kitty O Neil Obituary

Kitty O’Neil is a Hollywood legend, as a stuntwoman and racer. During her career she set 22 speed records, including one of the fastest land-water speed records (449.8 km/h), in a hydrogen peroxide rocket dragster. Even though her record was not officially recognized, it was a remarkable achievement. O’Neil’s stories were used as the basis for Silent Victory: Kitty O’Neil Story, a biographical film that was made in 1979. After losing friends in an accident, O’Neil retired from stunt and speedwork in 1982. O’Neil, at 72 years old, passed away from pneumonia in Eureka South Dakota on November 2, 2018. O’Neil was remembered for her extraordinary career in entertainment. O’Neil broke through many barriers and opened doors for female stunt performers in an industry dominated by men. Her legacy continues to encourage and inspire others to pursue their passions unassisted.

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