Klyfiy Genuine What is Klyfiy .com?

Here you will find all the information regarding Klyfiy.com. This will help you determine if Klyfiy.com scams or if they are a trustworthy company. You can find the answer in our Klyfiy Review below.

Website Highlights

  • DNS name – Klyfiy.com
  • Websitename:Klyfiy
  • Domain Registration As Per WHOIS2022-08-10
  • NameCheap, Inc.
  • Email: klyfiy@outlook .com
  • Contact Phone:+12054401219
  • Address for a Company, Office or Store: at 440 Braeburn Dr.Winston Salem North Carolina, 27127, US
  • There are three categories of products available on its website: LONG Sleeve TOPS, MINI Dresses, Short Sleeve TOPS, SHORTS and JUMPSUITS.

Contact Information

A residential house can be found at its address: “440 Braeburn D, Winston Salem North Carolina, 27127 USA”. (Source: Zillow.com)

SocialMedia Presence:

There is no social media icon linking to its business-related social network page. Online stores that are legitimate usually provide icons for social media linked to their profiles, pages, and groups on social media. Klyfiy does not likely have a presence on social media.

Copied content:

Klyfiy provides many details, including the website theme match to multiple problematic sites.

Customer Complaints: Delivery

Based on complaints received by buyers of similar online stores about the delivery time, customer service and after-sales services, these online stores have been criticized.

Our Final Verdict:

Based on all the information, it is clear that Klyfiy was one of the suspect websites.

You can view the many suspicious websites listed in our “Suspicious” category by clicking “HERE” or scroll through the “Scams” section by clicking “HERE”. Or, you can browse our homepage to see the numerous informative and interesting articles that fall under each category by clicking “HERE”.

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There are many online shops that claim to sell items at huge discounts. However, most of these sites are frauds. You should avoid these new online stores and at least research them before you buy anything. The majority of these online stores either don’t deliver the ordered items to the clients or send very poor quality items. Some fraudulent online stores have taken clients’ credit cards and charged them randomly without their consent. If you have ever bought from a scam site, we recommend you immediately contact your bank to get your credit card information.

NOTE: These websites are known to change their website’s name and whole content from time time. The information on its website was available at the time of the review. If you find other information than what we have given in our review, this means that the online store has changed its details. But, it is still suspicious.

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