Lanny Poffo Obituary Know How old is Lanny Poffo?

Lanny Powell Obituary Lanny Powell Obituary Lanny, a Canadian-American professional wrestler, has died. Since then Lanny Polo Obituary is one of the most popular topics online. Scroll down to read more about Lanny Poffo Obituary, and Lanny Poffo death.

Who’s Lanny Popovo?

Lanny Mark was a Canadian-American professional wrestler. He also served as a motivational speaker and poet. He was born in Calgary (Alberta), Canada as the younger brother of Randy Savage (Macho Man) to his parents Judy Poffo and Angelo Poffo. Angelo Poffo is an Italian American Catholic. He was born and raised in Calgary. Lanny Poffo was a WWE wrestling legend, known as “Leaping Lanny,” and “The Genie.” He is also the younger brother of WWE legend Randy Savage, and the son Angelo Poffo. Poffo broadcast two books, one of which is about wrestling. One is a collection limericks and poems, which are geared toward young kids.

Lanny Paoffo Obituary

The death and obituary of Lanny Popovo were extensively searched online by people who saw the news. Many people have searched the internet for Lanny’s death in recent times. Most often, the internet tricked the audience by giving information about healthy people as though they were dead. However, the information regarding LannyPoffo is accurate. We found a few Twitter threads honoring LannyPoffo’s obituary. Many people want to know the cause of Lanny’s death. Many have expressed their deepest sympathy to Lanny and his family. Scroll down to read more details about Lanny Poffo’s sudden death.

WWE Lanny Poffo Died

Lanny Mark Poffo was a professional wrestling icon who died at the tender age of 68 on February 2, 2023. His ring nicknames, “Leaping” Lanny Paoffo and The Genius made him well-known. For those who don’t know, he was the younger brother and legendary wrestler Randy Savage. Lanny worked in several other promotions such as NWA and International Championship Wrestling before joining WWE in 1985. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (WWE Hall of Famer) announced on Twitter that he was asked to announce the death of Lanny Popovo on February 2, 2023. “With a very, very heavy soul, I’ve been asked to tell everyone about the death of Lanny Poffo (The Genius), our friend and colleague.”

How Did Lanny Poffo Die?

Lanny Poffo was a Tampa Bay native who died on Thursday February 2, 2023. At the time of his passing, he was only 68 years old. Dave Meltzer revealed that it was due to cardiac failure. Friends and fanatics were shocked to learn of the passing of Lanny Popovo. Numerous former colleagues shared their condolences on social media. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about his death. Information about Lanny’s Death Cause is available in the next section.

Lanny Poffo Cause Of Death

Jim Duggan, an old friend of the Poffos, announced that Poffo died on February 2, 2023 at the tender age of 68. Dave Meltzer stated that Lanny, a Canadian-American wrestler and champion, had died of heart failure. Lanny Poffo, who was 68 years old, is the subject of constant conversation. Dave Meltzer stated that heart failure was the cause. According to the report Lanny Popovo died of sudden congestive heart disease.

Lanny Poffo

Lanny Popovo was a motivational speaker as well as a poet and actor. Many people might wonder what age Lanny Poffo actually is. Here is some information for you if you are one of those people. Lanny Poffo, a Canadian actor and producer, was born in Calgary (Alberta), Canada, 28 December 1954. He was a well-known actor, producer, and known for WWF Championship Wrestling (1972), Pro Wrestling USA (84), and Summerslam(89).

Source: imdb

Lanny Paoffo Biography

Lanny Poffo had been married to Sally in the past. He died in the USA, February 2, 2023. Lanny was 68 at the time of his passing. Below is Lanny’s detailed biography.

NameLanny Popovo
Full NameLanny Mark Poffo
Date of birthDecember 28, 1954
BirthplaceCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Death dateFebruary 2, 2023
DeathplaceNew York City (USA)
Age68 years old
Height6 ft.0 in (183 cm).
Weight240 lb (109kg).

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