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Are you thinking of signing up for Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) schemes in Australia? The BNPL schemes can benefit both buyers and sellers. There are numerous BNPL service providers across AU as well as NZ. Latitudepay is among the most well-established BNPL services.

In recent times there was a lot of news regarding Latitudepay fraud. Are you interested in knowing the facts? Let’s look at the details regarding the Latitudepay scam..

About Latitude pay Scam:

Recently, there has been an increase in forums for discussion and blogs about the authenticity of Latitudepay. There was no evidence of scammers launching plots was discovered in the last few days. But, Latitudepay customers have posted several negative reviews which question the legitimacy of Latitudepay.

There are numerous blogs on Quora asking whether Latitudepay is genuine or a fraud. In addition over 531 user reviews on the review site of customers have rated Latitudepay with 3.9//5 stars. The reviewers have rated Latitudepay transparency as 3.7/5 stars as well as its application process with 3.9/5 stars, its Application Process 3.9/5 stars, rates and Charges with 3.8/5 stars and its customer service with 3.6/5 stars.

Lattitude Pay verification code scam:

Some customers complained that they have received multiple verification codes from Latitudepay. The customers we spoke to said that they did not have an account with Latitudepay. They contacted the customer service number, but were unable to connect due to lengthy waiting times.

The information suggests that scammers may be trying to open accounts with Latitudepay under the names of customers who have already purchased. It is typically the case when scammers are able to steal credentials. They can try to sign-up with Latitudepay. However, they don’t have entry to the code for verification.

Customers who received latitudepay contactverification codes weren’t Latitudepay account holders. Therefore, the leak of data could not come directly from Latitudepay.

If you were issued your verification number, make sure you do not disclose this code to any person. Instead, immediately notify authorities in your area. If you have an Latitudepay account, you should report the issue to customer service and then reset the password for your Latitudepay account password right away.

Other contributory factors:

Customers have reported that they reached out to customer service in order to calculate the amount of payoff. The customer service has no way to stop these charges. After paying off the total amount, Latitudepay is still taking monthly installments, and exposes the Latitudepay scam.

Many customers complained that the monthly fees are similar to the interest charge; many customers complained of inadequate customer service since it was difficult to get in touch with and the lengthy wait.

A few customers complained that Latitudepay has a long time to return the money. And most times it’s a tough job.


This week, the details regarding obtaining a verification code was revealed. But, scammers didn’t make calls to the numbers to obtain an authorization code. Therefore, the motives as well as the identity of fraudster is not known. Many customers suspect that it is a Latitudepay scam due to the other motives previously mentioned. But, Latitudepay is a LEGITIMATE service provider, with an 86 percent trust rating.

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