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This article will tell you regarding what happened in the Liberty Hill Accident that resulted in the police officer was killed on returning home. Scroll down to read the details.

Have you heard of the tragic accident in Texas where a policeman was killed in a crash? The senior APD police officer Tony was pronounced to be dead on the 23rd of September, 2022.

The United States Police have been supporting the family of the officer through providing a QR code that individuals can make donations to the family of Tony. The full details regarding this incident Liberty Hill Accident is available in this report.

Full Story

The chief police officer from APD, Tony Martin, returned home from a night shift. The morning of Friday, approximately 6:15 a.m at the junction between RM 1869, and the state highway 29 an accident took place where he was struck by the car. He was a dedicated volunteer for APD over the course of 16 years.

It is reported that Texas Police are out looking into the area of crime and are searching for the person responsible. Then, around 9 a.m. They took the driver into custody with fake driver’s license.

Liberty Hill Crash

In the last month, there have been several accidents that have been reported at Liberty Hill. Recently, a policeman was killed in an accident. After returning home from the night shift on the bike vehicle hit him and fled away.

The footage from CCTV shows the incident, and the officers find the car, but are still looking to find the person driving it. The officer Tony Martin got multiple injuries and was unable to recover. Before joining APD Tony Martin was killed, he pledged his services towards his fellow Military and Air Force.

Liberty Hill Football Game

The fourth week of matches at Austin High School between the Westlake dual and Lake Travis were played on Friday. Westlake took the win by 35:20 in the fourth quarter. Travis.

The game was played at Chaparral Stadium. Chaparral Stadium on Friday night. Westlake is leading the season with four consecutive wins, and has won two games in the district with Lake Travis. People want to know what happened at Liberty Hill Wreck ,where an off-duty police officer died after crashing into the vehicle. He was with his family, which included his wife Amberlee as well as three children and an infant granddaughter.


The Austin police officer was killed Friday, after returning after a night shift. The police officer investigating the death claims that a car slammed into Tony and he sustained serious injuries, which led to his to death.

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