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This post is about Ligonier Police Chief Berger. What happened to Berger? Was he charged with any criminal offenses and more. Are you familiar with the Raid last week that occurred? Why was this Raid carried out? What happened in this raid? People are curious to find out what happened in the United States after a raid took place last week.

Immediately after the raid, many people began questioning police authorities. Police authorities have therefore taken some severe action against Chief Berger. Since this issue has been brought to light, many people have begun talking about police accountability and responsibility. But some people need to know more. Read this article to the end to find out about Ligonier Police chief Berger’s case.

What is the problem with Ligonier Police Chief Berger?

Sources confirm that Ligonier Valley Police chief John Berger has been voted out of his job. John Berger’s duties as ex-chief of the Ligonier Valley Police Department were terminated due to the Raid. After a decision by a police commission, he was fired from his position. Five members of the commission voted to terminate John Berger in response to The Raid.

Ligonier Township and Ligonier are represented by the five members of the joint commission. One representative at large is also included. The commission took this action because ex-chief John Berger raided the state department of police with U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents and state officers on Thursday.

What charges were brought against John Berger

The investigation into the state police raid case is still underway. Both state and police authorities cooperated in the investigation. John Berger’s cell phone and official vehicle were confiscated and he went on paid leave as a result.

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What is your impression of the new Chief?

John Berger had been removed from office by the commission. Mike Matrunics, the current chief of the police department, was appointed shortly after. Matrunics, according to the data, was previously an assistant chief at Ligonier Valley Police. Berger was his boss when the Borough and Township departments merged. Then he became the chief of Ligonier Township Police. He was named the department’s head soon after John Berger had been terminated.

  • Additional information about the Raid via Twitter

Immediately after hearing about the raid, the police department began actively investigating the matter. Police have yet to determine the exact circumstances and motives of the Raid. Sorice said that only Berger had been the target of Thursday’s raid by Homeland Security and the State Police. He also said that the raid on Thursday was not aimed at the police department.

What is your reaction as a government official to the Raid case?

People have mixed opinions about the raid. Mike Ferguson says that Mike Berger is not yet charged with criminal charges, so the raid topic is very important. However, there were many others who supported the department.

John Berger lost his job following the decision of the five-member commission. Mike Matrunics has been appointed chief as a consequence. John BergerBergers private cellphone, car, and public vehicle has been seized. Click here to learn more about the Raid. Click here.

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