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This post will provide lyrics and information about Lil Spill Baby. This post will explain Lil Baby. You can find all the details at the end of the post.

Are you a Lil Baby lover? Have you heard his latest song? He recently released the long-awaited and most anticipated song. With its catchy lyrics and impressive track record, the song is a huge success. Did you catch Lil’s new music? You can find the lyrics and song links at end of post if you haven’t. Read the entire post to learn more about Lil Spill Baby.

Lil Baby’s new song

Lil Baby, the American rapper is back with a new track titled “Real Spill”. This song is fantastic and should be on everyone’s playlist. This song is however the 1st track from the It’s Only Me body of work project. No Fly Zone is a song by Lil. Other recent tracks include FR, Back and Forth and Russian roulette. Keep reading this post to see the complete list of his top songs.

Pop Out Lyrics Lil Baby

Some lyrics of the song have two verses, while others have an intro paragraph. The intro para’s lyrics are

  • Only love can bring us together
  • Can you take us to this place?

There are two choruses and one outro in the song. The Outro lyrics can be found here

  • Only one of us
  • Who is going to leave?
  • This is the deep below
  • Only darkness can know

California Breeze Lil Baby is a detailed post.

Lil Baby, Other Songs

Although Lil has many songs he has sung, his most memorable songs are:

  • Avoid the dangers of playing
  • Double down, top priority
  • Still not finished
  • Now
  • Cost to live
  • Forever, and
  • Perfect timing.

He is undoubtedly one of the most popular American rappers, having been awarded many awards including Grammy Award, MTV Video Music Award and BET Awards. Which Lil song is your favorite? Did you like Lil Baby Not Hating?


Dominique Armani Jones is Lil Baby’s newest song. The title of the song is “Real Spill”. This is the 1st song in the It’s Only Me project. For his best songs, he has been awarded many prestigious awards. Learn more

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