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Have you seen the fight footage of LT? The video of LT is being shared all over social media. Millions of Twitter users have already viewed the video. People from across the globe are discussing the video, and many are curious about what transpired to LT. There are a lot of concerns in their heads and the questions have flooded the internet. In this article, we’ll give our readers all the information they need to know about the LT Video Fight and related questions.

What was the story during the LT Fighting video?

Laurie Michael, also recognized as LT Laurie Michael, also known as LT in the murder. He was only 24 when he was shot to death in the mall. A person recorded the incident, and the video was shared on the internet. According to the video, the incident took place in front all the people at the Brunswick Mall, where he was attacked in the neck. In this video footage, the man suspect was identified as Seyram Kwami, a twenty years old , is accused of murdering Michael Tagaola.

Was LT Video Boxer?

This video from LT stunned the audience However, as you can see from the video of the fight the manner in which Laule faced and the position LT adopted in the fight to defend himself and evade the assault made people think whether Laule Michael Tagaola was actually a boxer, or if he was associated with any sporting or other event. We would like to inform readers of the question that is surfacing that LT was not boxer or associated with any sport. He hasn’t made any posts about boxing or any other sporting or event on his Facebook handle.

In the course of the battle during the fight, an officer tried to attend to the scene however, they were unable for him to help LT. The investigation has now launched into killing of Laurie Michael Tagaola, and the police have arrested Seyram Kwami as the primary suspect in the murder.

LT Video Boxer Investigation

Since the incident occurred in the eyes of all the people in fear. Despite the presence of many people in the crowd, LT was killed in a public area and there is the possibility that it can happen to anybody, anywhere. The incident has caused people to think twice about disputes with any person.

In the aftermath of the LT video fight What do you consider?

According to Laurie Michael Tagaola’s friends, LT was a very generous man, as well as a great friend. He loved people, but then the next day, he was killed. Many are pondering their safety, and sending prayers to their family. The public is stunned by the footage and are now they are unsure about their safety as well.


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