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Are you familiar with the ex-Lover Island actor, Shaughna Philips? Recently she was blessed with a gorgeous daughter, named Lucia. Shaughna revealed the birth of her daughter’s birth via images and videos. Since then, the video has been being watched Worldwide.

The brand new mom in town is extremely thrilled after the birth of her first child. The video discloses other information regarding her baby, the reason she picked the name Lucia for her daughter, and much more. We also have shared additional details apart from the baby video, so make sure to read this Lucia Baby Videos article carefully to the very end.

What’s on the Lucia Baby video?

Shaughna Philips is a former lover island’s superstar who recently announced the birth announcement of her newborn daughter. She shared the information via her Instagram on April 6th. In her post she introduced her newborn baby girl to her fans and confirmed the birth date of her baby girl on a Thursday.

As this is her first child, she claimed that she was able to believe she was a mother. In her blog post, she shared what her name was for her child. The girl was named Lucia. While she hasn’t yet shared the middle name or her last on her Instagram post, she offered hints.

What do you think is Shaughna Philips?

Shaughna Phillips is an infamous participant in Lover Island season 6. She joined at the Villa on day one but failed to finish the season, and was able to walk left her villa after day 33. The young star has made the news for sharing her daughter’s photo. People are interested to know the identity of Lucia’s father.

If you’re also interested as to who is Shaughna’s father continue reading this article until the very end. In the post below we’ve shared the social media profiles such as Twitter to find out more about the baby of Shaughna.

Shaughna Philips’ Biography

We have provided important information regarding Shaughna Philips. Read them attentively.

Name Shaughna Philips Nick Name NA 29 years old older Date of birth: April 11, 1994 Birthplace London, United Kingdom Professional Television model, actor, and online influencer. Educational Graduate Parent Tracy Phillips (Mother) and Edward Phillips (Father) Siblings NA Marital Status Unmarried Zodiac Sign Aries, Husband/Boyfriend Billy Web Child One (Lucia) The height is 5’8′.

How much is Shaughna Phillips’s wealth?

Shaughna Philips makes money through modeling, influencers on social media and other occupations. According to studies Shaughna Philips’ net worth was estimated at 1 million by 2023.

Additional information about the video going Viral The video is now available on Reddit

On the YouTube video, an influencer says that she picked her daughter’s name and it’s Lucia. The video demonstrates that the child is adorable, and is wrapped in white blanket. The happiness of becoming a mom is evident through the beautiful eyes of Shaughna Philips.

Shaughna Philips is a issue of discussion with her media and fans for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons she is not at the forefront of discussion is that she did not reveal her relationship status on Telegram or on other social media platforms. Therefore, people are more interested to learn about her relationship life. Also, you can check out the social media websites below if you’re interested.


Lucia’s clip has been popular on the internet since Shaughna Philips gave her baby daughter Lucia. She’s thrilled and happy to meet her son. The video shows her confirms the identity of her as Lucia.

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