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Marshall Martin – Who was he and what did he do?

“Marshall Martin is a very accomplished cyclist who competes in the Category 2 Road Cycling Division. He has a strong athletic background.” Born in Rossville Georgia, he was a Tennessee State Champion and an All-American Ironman Triathlete. Marshall also held the title of multi-win state triathlon champion. He was respected for his talent and dedication in the sporting community.

Marshall, who lived in Nashville, Tennessee for many years and was well-known for both his athletic ability and his professional achievements, has passed away. He was previously the interim chief executives at X3 Endurance and Juris by LexisNexis. Marshall was known for his unwavering commitment to his work. He gave his all in every endeavor. “He was a source of inspiration for those around him. His positive impact will last a lifetime on all who were fortunate to know him.”

Marshall Martin Obituary

Marshall Martin, age 72, peacefully died at his home on November 5, 2020. He was born February 3, 1948 in Winfield, to parents Guy Martin (father) and Katherine (Gill) Martin. His mother had the maiden name Gill. Marshall was born in Winfield and completed his education there. He spent the majority of his childhood here. Marshall joined the National Guard in 1965 and was then called to active duty at Fort Carson, Colorado, two years later. Marshall served a full year at Fort Carson before being assigned to the 82nd Airborne. He was then deployed to Vietnam.

Marshall was honorably discharged from the military in 1985. He remained out-of-service for 15 long years before deciding reenlisting in the National Guard. Marshall’s unwavering devotion to his nation and selfless service within the military characterized his life. Marshall will be remembered as a man of courage and devotion during his time spent in Vietnam. Marshall’s passing will leave behind many fond memories and a patriotic legacy. Marshall will be missed by all of his family, friends and those who have had the privilege to know him.

How did Marshall Martin die?

Marshall Martin was tragically involved in an accident while riding the Ironman Chattanooga bike course on May 21, 2023. In the aftermath of his accident, Marshall Martin sustained serious injuries that proved fatal. On Monday, May 29th, 2023, he succumbed to these injuries. Marshall Martin died unexpectedly, as announced by his family via social media. The news left everyone in shock and disbelief. The loving wife of Marshall Martin and their cherished child, who mourns the loss of an devoted father and husband, are still with him. In due course, details about the upcoming funeral will be made public.

Marshall Martin’s tragic accident, and his subsequent death, have deeply affected the people who knew and loved him. He will be remembered as a man who loved endurance sports and was dedicated to the Ironman community. Marshall’s family, friends and loved ones receive support and condolences as they deal with the loss of their beloved one.

“Outpouring Of Tributes For Marshall Martin”

Social media was flooded with condolences, tributes, and grief messages after Marshall Martin passed away. People were mourning the loss of an individual they loved. Marshall’s family, friends and acquaintances have expressed their sincere sympathies following the tragic accident which caused his untimely passing. They also shared fond memories. The kind words and outpourings of support were a testament of the impact Marshall had on those who knew him. The online community united to pay tribute to his memory and offer comfort in this difficult time.

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