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The article details the struggle of McCool and the reasons for his death. You can also find all information by reading McCool Johnson Obituary.

Do you know McCoolJohn? What led him to die? Who is her wife? What year did he pass away and what was he doing? McCool comes from the United States. People show their affection through comments. You may have gotten some details about McCool. If you are not familiar with McCool’s life story, please take a look below at McCool John’s Obituary.

Who Was McCoolJohn?

John was 53. John was 53 years old. John was married in 2002. After serving in military, he opened a gym to train people. He was polite.

John McCool and Tracy McCool: How did they meet each other?

John McCool, a former student of Copley High School (Ohio), and Tracy McCool became friends in their youth. The two started dating after their graduation in 1987. The two remained in touch for a couple of months before deciding to split up. They married in 2002 but did not meet until after. John was the husband of her. Carter, a son was born in 2008 and Cassidy a daughter. They live in Akron with their two dogs.

What is the cause for death?

McCool (53), trained mma-fighters at his gym, after serving in the army. Tracy posted on Facebook recently that her husband has been accepted to a University Hospitals’ clinical trial. John McCool is gone now, despite all of that. John McCool died on Wednesday after a fight with colon cancer.

Wiki Title:

John McCool, 53 years old. He died: May 10th 2023. Wife: Tracy McCool. Son: Carter. Net worth: Unknown Height and weight: Unknown. Profession: MMA coach

About John’s wife

Tracy has made her mark in journalism and reporting news. She is a well-known face on Fox 8 for her vast experience. She captivates audiences with her confidence and kindness. In the article, more information was provided about McCool-John Obituary.

Tracy’s resilience and fortitude has inspired many during this difficult time. In spite of her enormous loss, Tracy has continued to work as a Fox 8 reporter. She has demonstrated unshakeable resolve in the face difficulty.

When Was John Diagnosed With Cancer?

John was diagnosed in October 2018 with Stage 4, colon cancer. Fox noted that he began training MMA fighters after his service in the military. John shared his story to encourage others who were also at risk of cancer to have their screenings. John always asks a friend – especially a male of the same age – What can he help John with? John’s initial response is to ask the friend if they have taken the test. If they said no, John suggested that they take the test.

John Tributes

Fox 8, which was deeply affected by the death, expressed its condolences to Tracy and Cassidy McCool and offered their love and support.

Twitter was inundated by emotional condolences from friends, acquaintances and co-workers who wanted show their support to the McCools.

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Fox 8 confirmed Wednesday, according to online sources that John Cook, husband of Tracy McCool and anchor, died after a 5-year battle against colon cancer. John had a long battle with this disease. John’s passing was yet another blow to the Martial Arts community. McCool is a martial artist.

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