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Do you require the right information about McDonald’s Monopoly? Are you a fan of the game before? The people of in the United Kingdom are eager to know the full information on this latest news. The offer is available between 7 September and 18 October. You are able to earn incredible rewards and thrilling prizes by playing the Monopoly game. Therefore, you must hurry and avail this chance to earn exciting rewards buying a few meals at McDonald’s.

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What exactly is McDonald’s offer?

The McDonald’s app is currently providing amazing opportunities to customers. Customers who are interested can be rewarded with instant prizes by playing the latest digital game. With the McDonald’s mobile app, players can purchase the Monopoly peel game. It will look like a real Monopoly board game , on the mobile screens and is playable over the internet or online.

There is no doubt that it is true that the Monopoly game is becoming more popular and better every year. For more details on Mcd Collect UK read through this article until close of the year.

Prizes for players to win are available by simply scanning the number of the item. They must also finish the deposit according to the guidelines before scanning the numbers. Different things indicate a different strategy of play. For instance, peeling the pack signifies that you will win the prize in a flash. Peeling on the property indicates the property will be added to your portfolio. asset to the portfolio.

The rules of the consumer for the game

Mcdonald’s brand is a source of some rules to play this game of monopoly. Check out the following article to learn what you can regarding McDcollect.comand find out the rules of the game.

  • The primary rule is that players of playing must have or older.
  • The players must be a part of Uk for participation in playing the Monopoly Peel game.
  • The promotion is held at the McDonald’s branch in the UK (which excludes the Republic of Ireland but includes Northern Ireland), Isle of Man as well as Channels Islands.
  • After buying the Qualifying items from the menu, customers will be able to get the pieces that are on the packaging of the game’s labels. Customers must be careful to remove the game piece label by peeling it as instructed.

What are the Mcd Collect UK Qualifying Menu Items?

In accordance with the game’s rules according to the game rules, players have to purchase only the items required for this Monopoly Peel game. Therefore, you can find the time that qualifies to play the game.

  • The first one includes Chicken & Bacon salad, or, if you prefer, Chicken Salad will do.
  • Three or five pieces of Chicken Chooses.
  • McPlant.
  • In or out of Bacon One Big Tasty.
  • Any Flavor Big Wrap.
  • Chicken Legend
  • Spicy Chicken McNuggets
  • Carbonated Softdrinks ( Medium or Large)
  • Mc Cafe (Iced Range any items)
  • Fires (Medium or Large)
  • Morella drippers box
  • Twix Mc Flurry or Mars.

The Close Up

This is all for news, and those interested in playing can quickly take advantage of the chance to win prizes through the thrilling Monopoly peel-game. Get your tickets now and avail this amazing service provided through Mcdonald’s today. Be sure to adhere to the rules listed above and receive incredible prizes right away.

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