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This article contains information about Mellisa Hurtaby. She is from Tracy. Melissa Huckaby is a bipolar Sunday School teacher who raped Sandra Cantu, 8 years old, via rolling pin in 2009.

Melissa’s grandfather, a Baptist minister, was Melissa’s great-grandfather. Melissa, Madison Huckaby’s mother, was single by 2009. Madison taught Sunday school.

The Pathologist’s Report

According to the pathologist’s reports, Sandra Cantu was strangled with a torn bit of cloth that had been tied together into “a noose.” Sandra’s injuries also included a silver rolling pen with a bent handle. Sandra’s blood was found in the smudge left on the rolling pin by pathologists. It was also revealed that she was sexually assaulted using the object.

Mellisa Huckaby

Melissa Huckaby has been charged with the murders of Sandra Cantu and Sandra Cantu.

Sandra was found dead in a nearby lake. This completes the missing persons investigation.

CCTV footage is used to identify the perpetrator.

Sandra Cantu

Sandra was accompanied by her stepmother and her father in her search for her. However, they were met with their worst fears weeks later when Sandra’s remains were discovered in a nearby field of cotton.

Sandra, a Latin American woman, was the victim of hate crimes.

Even though they had been separated for many years, their love was not diminished. He was still deeply committed to his daughter and felt empty for this injustice.

Sandra was eight years old when she lost her dream of becoming an artist.

Sandra, nine year old, mysteriously vanished. Sandra disappeared mysteriously from her home. Her family was overcome with fear and hoped that Sandra would soon be found.

Sandra was not found. Sandra searched unsuccessfully for several days before an irrigation pond close to her family home revealed that the sad truth.

Sandra’s body was discovered at the bottom by authorities after they opened her suitcase. There were signs that indicated trauma and distress, which suggested asphyxiation, abuse and, eventually, murder.

Sandra was clearly awakened and taken away by her family members to endure such cruelty.

Who killed Sandra Cantu?

Sandra Cantu was 8 years old when she was killed in Tracy. Police initially had trouble finding leads from Sandra’s suitcase, and the water pond where her body was located.

The victim’s family had no known enemies. It was therefore unclear why they would be targeted.

Police discovered that the Cantu families had installed a camera to their front porch right before the murder.

Officers looked at hours of footage from the camera, and determined that Sandra wasn’t in the frame. They gave no clues about Sandra’s fate.

Maria was Sandra’s mother. She told police that Melissa Huckaby had texted Sandra the day Sandra disappeared, claiming that there was something missing.

Melissa Huckaby, who attended Sandra’s funeral, told police she found a note saying that Sandra had been taken in a suitcase. The note indicated that the suitcase had been left near Bacchetti Road.

While the note looked suspicious, the police were unsure why Huckaby got it. When the police searched the area surrounding Huckaby’s irrigation pond, they found more information.

Witness reported that Sandra was last seen driving a purple SUV by the pond.

Witness also saw an elderly woman running through the woods nearby and said that she needed to stop for pee.

Melissa Huckaby was spotted on CCTV footage taken from Cantu’s porch.

Melissa Huckaby could be identified from the footage by the witness. Huckaby and the police were quickly taken into custody and charged him with murder.

Melissa Huckaby, where are you now?

Melissa Huckaby’s case caught everyone’s attention after she accepted an abrupt plea bargain mid-way through the proceedings.

She pleaded not guilty and was released from both murder and kidnapping accusations.

However the judge was harsh on Melissa’s actions, and sentenced her to life imprisonment with no parole at Central California Women’s Facility.

Melissa appeared to be willing to admit her mistakes, but it was too late. The price for justice had already been paid.

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