Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina {Aug 2022} All About To Explore Know!

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A devastating storm named Katrina hit Louisiana, New Orleans, on August 29, 2005. The hurricane Katrina generated winds of 140 miles per hour and 10-16 inches of severe rainfall. It also smashed upwards of 14 feet. As a result of the storm, a Memorial Hospital situated in New Orleans was heavily affected.

A total of 215 corpses of patients were found at the hospital, and 2500 patients were evacuated. Worldwide, people, such as Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, etc., are interested to learn about the events concerning Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina.

How do hurricanes affect Memorial hospital?

When Katrina attacked the memorial Hospital, the hospital was enveloped by floodwaters, with no sanitation facilities and without power. The hospital’s staff chose to recuperate at the hospital. Around 2000 people were residing on the premises of the hospital, comprising 200 patients and 600 employees. As soon as the storm began everyone began to scream as every window cracked under the hailstones that fell from the rooftops within the building. The hospital’s surroundings were completely disrupted.

The storm struck in the morning, power supply to the hospital’s structure was not working. Emergency lighting and other critical equipment were not working during Memorial Hospital The hurricane Katrina ,and caused a lot of damage to the hospital . Till night the flooding was gone as was the damage that Memorial hospital had suffered. The hospital was flooded and personnel, families, and patients were evacuated from the difficult circumstance. However, 215 deaths occurred in the hospital.


After lunch, Memorial’s hospital administration called for assistance and sent letters to other hospitals, where Memorial evacuated more than 180 patients. The time was when the senior doctor met with the doctors from Memorial as well as nurses and as well as managers at the training rooms of nurses, which as well as the command center to discuss evacuation plans. They made a decision on which method to remove the hospital’s facility. The aftermath that occurred during Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrinafrightened the medical staff.

Strategy of Evacuation:

The hospital doctors decided that infants, pregnant ladies as well as patients who are severely sick in I.C.U. should be given priority due to intense temperatures. Nurses hold infants in their arms and manually pump the air through their lungs, the sake of their lives until they are unable to reach into the medical facility.

The evacuation of more than 50 patients took place on the night of August 30th, but it was too exhausting for hospital personnel. Therefore, when staff members suggested they could help airlift patients, doctors refused and made a statement based on to evidence that showed that the helipad had low lighting and had no guard rails, the staff also needed rest.

Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina:

The doctor. Anna Pou ruled out the patients who were evacuated should be first and then. Following Katrina several witnesses claimed that Pou gave patients morphine and midazolam.

Dr. Pou was arrested and accused of second-degree murder. Two nurse employees, Lori Budo and Cheri Landry were also taken into custody and accused. After a few months the grand jury completed its task by deciding not to indict any suspects for any of the charges. Find out more about Memorial Hospital’s involvement in the aftermath of Katrina hurricane in this article.


An additional investigation was conducted after the hurricane Katrina storm, in where the doctor. Anna Pou has been detained and charged with second degree murder. Many people want to learn what happened to Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina. There is no way to classify deaths as caused by homicide or other natural causes. The latter one was more ambiguous based on evidence available.

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