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This article provides information regarding the Miami Lakes Murder Suicide case and discusses the investigation facts.

You want to find out what happened at the Miami Lakes, and why so many people are talking about the murder suicide. United States readers, as well as other users, want to know the details of those who were murdered-suicide at the Miami Lakes.

You can read the article for more information about Miami Lakes Murder Suicide.

What happened to Miami Lakes

Five bodies were found at the crime site, where they were shot to death. Police discovered the bodies of 5 people at the crime scene on Friday morning when a relative called police to report that they had not been able to contact one of them.

Miami Lakes Hotel incident

The incident happened at a residence in the 14800 block Northwest 87th Court. Numerous police cars arrived at the scene to investigate after the bodies had been found.

Police claimed that the home contained five dead bodies, which is two men and three ladies. The bodies of the victims were shot with gunshot wounds by police, which is proof that this case is a murder. However, it is not yet known who some of these bodies were.

What is suicide in this case?

It was discovered that the case of Miami Lakes Auto Mall had been investigated by the police. One adult killed the four others. The four murder victims were killed by the individual, regardless of whether they were a woman or a man.

This is why the police also consider this suicide. This case shocked all, especially Americans. Everyone wants answers about the incident, and the culprit.

Do the victims’ identities have been revealed?

As police are limited to only able to identify two people at a time, it is not possible for everyone’s identities to be revealed. Rolando Aguilar was the family member of one victim. According to him, his ex-wife Joanka was among the victims of the murder-suicide.

Police are looking into the Miami Lakes Theater, as well as nearby incidents, to find any clues.

Any updates?

At this time, there is no official investigation report. Police are still trying to locate the victim. The neighbor stated that one of the victims had recently been moved from Cuba to the US.

While the neighbors came forward to investigate the scene, they were not willing to talk to officers. The police stated to news reporters that they were investigating the case to find out all details and following every clue regarding Miami Lakes Restaurants, and other locations.

Final words

The police are investigating the mass killing murder case. We hope that the authorities can solve the case soon.

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