Michelle Castillo Murder Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?

Michelle Castillo Death. Michelle Castillo’s family was stunned when she was found hanging from a bathroom faucet in Ashburn, Virginia. She had an electric cord around and around her neck. The happy-golucky mother-of-five had never shown suicidal tendencies, and she always wanted to live with her children. Investigation Discovery’s “On The Case With Paula Zahn : No Escape” depicts the terrible murder and how a cop investigation exposed a sinister plot that was fuelled with hatred and anger. Let’s dig into the details of the case to find out who the murderer might be, shall we?

How Did Michelle Castillo Die?

Michelle Castillo Murder Michelle Castillo was a proud mom of five. She lived in Ashburn’s Belmont Station Road property. She was also estranged and had filed a protective orders against her husband, according to the show.

Michelle was able complete her divorce on March 19, 2014. On March 19, 2014, Michelle was able finalize her divorce terms. He reached out to a neighbor and was unsuccessful in finding Michelle. The police then searched the house extensively.

Michelle was found in a basement bathroom, hanging from an electric cord. They were then sent for further testing.

Michelle Castillo

Michelle Castillo’s Murder. Authorities had difficulty conducting their primary investigation as there were no leads or witnesses.

Braulio Castillo now? Although Braulio was confirmed as being present, the police had not enough evidence to make an arrest. Braulio, along with Michelle Castillo, were taken into custody and charged.

Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?

Braulio Castillo is Now in Prison. Braulio declared his innocence upon being brought into court. Braulio Castillo denied that he had been guilty and pleaded not guilty.

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