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Mike Shannon Health Update

Mike Shannon, St. Louis Cardinals’ radio voice, has disclosed that he suffered from COVID-19. He was near death during his hospital stay, which spanned late October to early November 2020. Shannon was able to receive the Regeneron monoclonal anti-body cocktail after several failed treatments. He believes it saved his life. Shannon’s wife, who also tested positive for the virus was supportive of Shannon’s recovery. Shannon will be back in the broadcast booth for his 50th year, even though he is receiving physical therapy three times per week and only being able to work six innings during spring training. Shannon hopes his experience will inspire others and their families to be optimistic in times of similar struggles. He intends to work in the organization beyond his broadcasting gig. Shannon hopes to visit Omaha Beach, France, on June 6, 2044 for the 100th anniversary to “D-Day.” He did not provide any information about his health.

Is Mike Shannon sick?

Rick Hummel from the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that Shannon was hospitalized for the virus. Since then, there have been concerns about Shannon’s health. Many fans expressed concern for Shannon’s well-being, even though there has not been any official word. Shannon’s hospitalization is shocking news to many. He hadn’t been heard from publicly since 2020 baseball season. The broadcaster has been inundated with fans who are eager to hear from him. Many have also taken to social networking to share their thoughts and prayers for Shannon. Shannon remains a beloved figure in St. Louis, despite his illness. He owns two Mike Shannon’s Grills in Edwardsville and St. Louis Lambert International Airport. His grandson Justin VanMatre is his manager. Shannon takes pride in the popularity of these restaurants, which are loved by locals as well as visitors.

Although there are no details on Shannon’s health, many fans continue to be hopeful for his recovery. Shannon will be greatly missed as a beloved figure in St. Louis’ sports history. He will retire at the end 2021 season. Fans will be able to continue watching Shannon’s broadcasts to hear his stories and calls throughout his final year. While his health may be in question, Shannon’s impact on the Cardinals community and legacy will be felt for many years.

Mike Shannon: What happened?

Mike Shannon, a former St. Louis Cardinals team player and broadcaster who recently retired from the broadcasting booth after 50-years of service, Shannon was inducted in the Cardinals Hall of Fame on January 14, 2014. He had been calling home games since 2016 and was inducted in the Cardinals Hall of Fame on October 3, 2021. On January 14, 2021 he declared that the 2021 season was his last. The Cardinals held a farewell celebration in his honour on October 3, 2021. Shannon was loved by colleagues and fans alike. He had been an integral part in the Cardinals’ broadcasting team, and a well-known figure in St. Louis. Shannon’s contributions and achievements to the Cardinals, as well as baseball overall, will not be forgotten.

Mike Shannon, where are you now?

Mike Shannon is a former Major League Baseball pitcher and longtime broadcaster with the St. Louis Cardinals. His name is also synonymous with the restaurant industry, where he owns several restaurants. Some have been curious about his current location. Mike Shannon was a former St. Louis Cardinals player and long-time broadcaster. He also owned the now-defunct Mike Shannon’s Steaks, Seafood and Steaks restaurant in downtown St. Louis. Two Mike Shannon’s Grill locations remain his property – one in Edwardsville and one at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Justin VanMatre is Shannon’s grandson. At this time, we don’t have any information about Shannon’s whereabouts or current status.

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