Moody Awori Dead or Alive Get Latest News!

Moody Awori Dead, or Alive: Recently, Moody Awori was rumored to have died. His family quickly refuted the rumors and said that Awori was alive and well.

This article will discuss the rumors surrounding Awori’s alleged suicide and give information on his political career and community development projects. We will answer your frequently asked questions and show you a chart that details his political career.

Is Moody Awori Dead?

Moody Awori (a prominent Kenyan politician) was recently the focus of gossip after rumors started to circulate that Awori had died. His family dismissed the rumors quickly, saying that Awori is still alive and well. So, is Moody Awori dead? What happened? We will be answering these and other questions in this article. Moody Awori’s body is still there. Rumours that he had died began to circulate on social media around February 2022. His family quickly denied these rumors. Awori later revealed that he was indeed alive and well.

Moody Awori: What’s the Deal?

Rumours of Awori’s passing were not true. However, Awori has been through health issues in the past. A successful operation was performed to remove a brain blood clot. Since then, he is in good health and continues to play an active role in his community.

Moody Awori’s Political Career

Moody Awori, a Kenyan born in 1928, was raised in Butere. He was the Vice President for Kenya between 2003 and 2008. Before that, he held several high ranking government positions, including the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning as well as Minister of Home Affairs. Awori has also been involved in community development projects throughout Kenya. He is a strong supporter of education and has worked hard to improve access to health care and clean water in rural areas.

Moody Awori’s Legacy

Moody Awori is widely considered a respected stateman and a champion for social justice in Kenya. His dedication to public service and unwavering efforts to improve ordinary Kenyans’ lives have earned him admiration from people of all walks.


  • When was Moody Awori elected Vice President of Kenya

Moody Awori served from 2003 to 2008 as Vice President of Kenya.

  • Why is Moody Awori respected in Kenya as a statesman?

Moody Awori’s dedication to public service and his efforts in improving the lives of Kenyans is highly regarded.

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