Moya David Death Photos Know The Reason!

To know the truth about Moya David Mort Photos, and where David is now.

David enjoyed an exciting day on boxing day, when his Sudanese customer booked an entire airplane for David. David shared photos of him smiling in the empty plane and snags with his followers, commenting that it was him alone. Millions of his Kenyan followers are sharing the pictures via social media. But did you also know that Moya David was rumored to have died? Let’s look at the facts behind these rumors.


Moya Moya, a Kenyan born on January 1, 1988, was also known as Moya David. False reports about David’s death (or accident) have been spread. David is alive and in good physical health. We checked his Instagram and Twitter accounts and found the most recent posts between 23 December and 26 December. David is 33 years, eleven and a half months old. He was also twenty-seven dayold.

David has always been a lively person since his youth. He was a natural performer and loved bringing smiles onto the faces of people. His dance moves attracted the attention of everyone, as he determinedly referred to David’s Biography. In his early years, he danced in the streets, on the street, and at the market for fruit and vegetables.

David revealed that he has performed as a producer at radio stations and sang occasionally. He was driven by his instinct to dance.

David is also from Kisiitribe. He began to enjoy dance performance and was popularized as a professional performer in 2018. In 2019, his TikTok channel launched.

He has over 4 million followers. David’s accident or death is not currently documented. His net worth is KES12 million. David earned a Diploma In Journalism and Mass Communication.

David also performed many dance moves in films and for actors. He is also a content producer and CEO of DMK Captures.


Moya Dave’s news concerning his Dead is a gossip. David’s crash is not covered by the internet. Yesterday, David left Sudan to perform and shared the latest images on social media. David was not driving the plane and landed safely. It is unclear why David’s story about his death was not reported.

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