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Did you see the latest Nashville shooting video? Is there anyone who was killed in the shooting? The Nashville Shooting Police Video incident shocked all Americans, Canada, and Britain. Although everyone is hopeful for everyone’s safety in the video, it was heartbreaking to see that some people lost their lives during the shooting. For more information about the shooting, please visit this page.

Video from Nashville Shooting!

Online reports on Tiktok state that a shooting took place at a Christian School Monday, March 27, 2023. It was reported that the shooter entered school premises and opened fire on students and staff. Police released surveillance footage and found that Audrey Hale (28), was behind the attack. The video shows a rifle hanging from the shooter’s shoulder while he is moving around in different rooms.

Nashville Shooter Body Cam Video!

The school shooting video was released by Nashville’s police department. It shows the footage of its shooter, according to online sources. Audrey Hale is the shooter. She was accompanied by Honda Fit to the school and carried a rifle with her. The footage shows her entering various school rooms. You can also see how the alarm lights turn on and off. This video went viral on Instagram, and other social media platforms.

It is only two minutes long, and it does not contain any audio. It shows only the shooter holding a gun. The chief of police said that officers will soon be able to release the body camera video taken when the shooter was encountered. We’ll update as soon as it’s available on Twitter, or from any other source.

Has anyone been killed?

Youtube news channels and other websites revealed that six people were killed during the shooting. Three of the six victims were nine-year-olds. They were identified by Hallie Scruggs and Evelyn Dieckhaus. Mike Hill and Cynthia Peak were the other elder people identified. Katherine Koonce was also named. Telegram reports that Katherine was head of the school while Mike was a custodian.


In conclusion, this post has all of the useful updates about Covenant School’s shooting video. We send condolences for those who lost their lives in the shooting.

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