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Through this blog post, National Anthem Brittney Griner can be able to discover Brittney’s opinion in not standing up for an appropriate National Anthem and how people took to her stance.

Have you heard of WNBA player Britteny Griner? Are you aware of what the National Anthem is played before the start of a WNBA game? Brittany Griner has often voiced her

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Who is Brittney Griner?

Brittany Griner is known as the Phoenix Mercury star. She is currently in detention in Russia for a drug charge and is likely to be sentenced to prison for around 10 years. The position she has taken on her stance on the National Anthem clearly states that it is not appropriate to sing during the National Anthem before the game. She has, in fact, occasions performed kneeling in singing the National Anthem. Similar protests were also made in 2016 by Colin Kaepernic.

There have been a lot of anger since the event took place. It is clear that the Brittney Griner national Anthem Protest has people thinking about how it could be considered and treated as to who is the representative of the country on whatever platform. Brittney Griner is an two-time Olympic gold medalist and has also won nine all-star WNBA championships. She also played for the nation as a player in the Russian Premier league and, as a result she was referred to as”the Phoenix Mercury. While her life was not without controversy, it has been full of disputes and brawls, one which even involved her husband, due to which both were incarcerated and subsequently removed from court once.

against standing to stand up during against standing up during the National Anthem, or the Anthem is played prior to the game. The news has caused a stir throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom.

What’s the issue for The National Anthem Brittney Griner ?

As previously mentioned, many have taken a stand against the remarks made by Brittney Griner made. A few of the comments come from celebrities such as Larry Elder and Johnny Blade famous personalities within the world of basketball. Larry Elder made a sarcastic observation regarding Brittney’s return to America. Brittney will be returning to America and will be a part of the National Anthem. This comment has caused controversy within the country. Johnny Blade said she should return to Russia with a sense of respect for her country. These comments have made people consider what they would like their sporting stars to look like. This protest by Brittney Griner National Anthem Protesthas everyone who supports her ideas.


In the conclusion of the article, Brittney Griner is a legend by having two Olympic medals as well as nine-star WNBAs. But her private life has seen somewhat of a fight. Her stance has been outlined on how she will not protest an anthem during the National Anthem before the game. Following her arrest in Russia her statement became a source of ridicule and everyone upset and mistrusting the athlete. The athlete is now facing the possibility of a sentence of prison of 10 years if accusations are true. Visit this page for more details.

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