National-Health-UK.Com Scam {July} Find Full Facts!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Scam pursuing people to order Covid test kits.

Have you received a call to purchase an Covid testing kit from the United Kingdom? Did you realize that this message is fraudulent and a Scam? Did you know that you have to report these messages to the NCSC? It is the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has received more than 12 million information regarding Scam messages. NCSC has successfully wiped out the scams of more than 83K that circulated through more than 153K URLs.

Let’s check below about Scam.

about phishing message is the main website for which is the official website of the National Health Service of the UK. Since the 20th of June 2022, a notice informing the user that NHS: You’ve been closely linked to someone who has already contract an Omicron variant. Kindly order a test kit pack via:’ was circulated extensively. The link isn’t an authentic NHS website. It does, however, contain words such as NHS. This is why the link could be fraudulent as well as an Scam.

The Twitter account @NHSuk also tweeted the information to inform users to the message, and to advise users to report any such message to NCSC.

About Scam:

Many people who received this message were frightened and tried to purchase testing kits. is a clone website of the NHS. It informs users of the fact that tests are provided free without charge, however the delivery fee of PS0.99 is required to be paid.

Although the PS0.99 is a small amount. However, the risk is posed by phishing in which you are required to provide your personal information and payment information on the site. Fraudsters can make use of this information to charge you unauthorized fees on your payment method or to sell your personal information online.

Many users who received text messages and posted screenshots on social media to inform people aware of the scam.

Avoiding Scam:

If you get such message, it’s crucial that you don’t follow any links contained inside the text. If you clicked on the link and visited the site be sure to not enter personal or financial information. If you are not aware and purchased this test kit it’s essential to report the incident to NCSC. It should be noted that NHS doesn’t require any payment-related data on its website.

It is known that has a poor trust index of 1. It was officially registered with the UK on June 20, 2022, for a period of one year. The fake website Scam owner’s information and contact information are censored using the services of GDPR Masked. Currently, the URL is inaccessible. However, scammers can include other URLs and hyperlinks in their messages that create urgency, making people fearful and clicking at the hyperlink.


A lot of messages are distributed through SMS, social media, and even the internet. The majority of make it necessary to provide your personal and financial information by clicking on links that are included inside the text messages. A way to spot the messages is to visit the official websites of these organisations and calling their the official customer service centers.

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