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Find out all the facts about Newark Sister City Scam.

Did you know that Sister City International was founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower (the President of the United States) in 1956? The program was started after World War II to promote cultural exchange between two countries/cities/states/municipalities.

Birmingham is, for instance, a sister city in China to Anshan. These people come together to exchange cultural values and exchanging ideas. Newark Sister City Scam – One New Jersey City fell for it

Sister Citys:

Newark, New Jersey is one of many cities that are open to partnerships with other municipalities in order to foster mutual respect, human connection, understanding, cultural interchange, and cooperation. Below is a listing of Newark’s sister towns.

The Gambia Banjul, The Gambia Brazil Belo Horizonte, Brazil Ecuador Cuenca, Ecuador[236] Cameroon Douala, Cameroon The Bahamas Freeport, Bahamas Azerbaijan Ganja, Azerbaijan Brazil Governador Valadares, Brazil Ghana Kumasi, Ghana Liberia Monrovia, Liberia Brazil Porto Alegre, Brazil Brazil Reserva, Brazil Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Nigeria Umuaka, Nigeria China Xuzhou, China

New Jersey Sister City Scam –

In addition, 19 New Jersey cities signed contracts with 41 cities worldwide as their sister-cities. Arunachalam Paramashivam, also known by the name Nithyananda Paramashivam (also known as Nithyananda Paramashivam), is believed to have been a godman from India, a guru and cult leader. Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam trust was established by him. This trust owns several temples, gurukul educational centers, and spiritual monasteries.

Nithyananda was the victim of a nonbailable warrant issued in India by an Indian court. Nithyananda fled India. He is an undercover entrepreneur who founded Kailaasa (an island nation) to support the Newark Sister City Scam. It must be noted that Kailaasa is not recognized as a nation by country/organization. Kailaasa also grants ecitizenship via

Kailaasa was able to build its infrastructure, including an airport facility. Nithyananda is trying get recognition for Kailaasa as well as himself. He expressed his appreciation to Xi Jinping on being elected President of China on the 14th/March/2023.

Kailaasa representatives visited Newark recently and expressed an interest in Newark Sister City Scam. It is one step in a giant effort for Kailaasa as a nation to gain international recognition. Sister City was thrilled to have received a request and met with representatives from both sides.

One of the Sister City spokespersons spoke out to say that Newark is committed partner with people from different cultures. Ras Baraka (the Mayor of Newark) also spoke positive. The Sister City Agreement was signed 12/1/2023.


Newark Sister City officials discovered on the 6th day that Kailaasa didn’t exist. This was a Newark Sister City Scam. Newark officials were accused of not verifying Kailaasa’s details about her country. The internet was not used by even one official to search for the information. The agreement was declared null.

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