Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter Check All Details!

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You are familiar with the fight between Nikees and Royalty. This video shows that the fight took place in the United States.

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Royalty, Nikee fight?

Royalty Fight Video: Nikee and Royalty, A viral video of Royalties fighting Nikee has been posted online.

The fight clip was shared by a Twitter user. We have provided links to social media for those who are interested.

Royalty and Nikee

Royalty Fight Video, Twitter: Nikee and Royalty Fight Video, Sources say that both were exes with Youtuber CJ Cool.

The reason for fighting?

Royalty Fight Video, Nikee and Royalty.

Insta also shared the fight clip of Royalty with Nikee.

Nikee Royalty fighting Viral

Nikee & Royalty Fight Video on Twitter. This is undoubtedly the most popular video on YouTube.

People reacted to the fight

Nikee Fight Video Twitter: People are sharing their opinions after watching the viral video of Nikee fighting Royalty on Tickok.

One Twitter user joked about how Royalty was entering there.

Another user on Twitter joked that Royalty was wearing a sloppy hoodie.

Social Media

Final Verdict

The Nikee & Royalty battle video are very aggressive.

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