North Carolina Hickory Bridge Get All Details

Faulty GPS technology is responsible for the death of a man crossing the North Carolina Hickory Bridge.

What do you know? North Carolina man has died following the GPS to an unbuilt bridge. Although the bridge was destroyed nine years ago, the GPS still showed its existence. According to the United States, the incident highlighted the shortcomings in the GPS system. Hickory-based man was following the GPS system and was killed while crossing North Carolina Hickory Bridge. This incident will be extensively covered in this article.

Hickory Man Died Crossing Hickory River

This article aims to provide you with the most complete information possible about the horrendous incident in Hickory. The man was returning from the birthday celebration of his nine-year-old daughter when he crossed the river. Philip John Paxson, a man named Philip John Paxson, was driving across a bridge and looking at his GPS. But the bridge wasn’t there. It was 11:11 pm, so the lights were dimmed.

We are now compelled to investigate the history of Hickory North Carolina Bridge collapse, which occurred in 2013. The bridge fell after a culvert was removed. It has never been rebuilt since. According to media reports, Philip did not know about the bridge’s collapse according to family members.

Alicia Paxson (the wife of the deceased) told reporters that the two daughters of Philip were with her while she was at the party. She returned home with her two daughters, but Philip was still there. She woke up on October 1st to find her husband not home.

The Probe Into Accident at Hickory Bridge North Carolina

Jon Hopson, a man by the name of Jon Hopson, saw Paxson’s car in a stream that morning. He said that people were sad. They’ve been trying for years to have this bridge fixed. The North Carolinian Department of Transportation is not careful with the road’s maintenance. Despite repeated attempts, the bridge was not blocked so that at least one person could see there was no road ahead.


Paxson worked as a health manager for a major device sales company. This is the worst incident to have occurred on North Carolina Hickory Bridge since 2013. The incident also highlighted the lackadaisical attitude that North Carolina authorities should take. For more information, please see North Carolina Man Dies after Driving on Bridge to Nowhere

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