Oblivion Ride Alton Towers {July} Try This Terrifying Scenario!

Please read the following article to find out more as well as be informed about this incident. Oblivion ride Alton Towers incident.

Are you aware of Oblivion the steel roller coaster located at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England? Are you interested in learning the specifics? Read this article until the conclusion.

The Alton Towers is featured in recent news reports since visitors to Alton Towers were required to climb the Oblivion. The news has been being discussed across The United KingdomIreland and in the United States. This article will provide information regarding Oblivion Ride Alton Towers. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers.

Roller Coaster The terrifying scenes in the Alton towers

The passengers were treated to a gruelling ride when they had to ascend the Oblivion 65 feet at 40 degrees. It’s never happened before during the entire history of this part of the United Kingdom. The Oblivion took the victims to 180 feet in a underground tunnel that they walked into.

A group of riders became caught in the air that was at a height of 65 feet. The passengers had to get down as the train got stuck at a height of 180ft. The weather was also reported to be unfavorable.

Details on Oblivion Ride Alton Towers

The entire park was given an exciting new theme with it launched the Oblivion Kickstarter. The ride began in 1998 and there was a huge public relations campaign since it was the most vertical roller coaster. It is among the most thrilling roller coasters that can be found in Alton Towers. The oblivion ride put people in a state of shock as the news spread.

The ride in oblivion lasts approximately 25 seconds. The ride is thrilling and one can even go down a horrifying 180 feet vertical drop. Its speed is 110 km/hr. It’s an unforgettable experience. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers has not just a drop-off but also a roller coaster.

It is among the incredible attractions found on the grounds of Alton Towers. Oblivion is an Bolliger and Mabillard Dive Machine Roller Coaster. So, the visitors who rode it at Alton Towers were found to be awe-inspiring. It was also disappointing for those who were looking forward to going there.

What is the reason why news is in a downward trend?

It was the Alton Towers had the first vertical roller coaster to come to life. Park visitors snapped pictures of the riders when they were on their way down. The photos were shared within a matter of moments. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers The Alton Towershas among the world’s most well-known roller coasters. Oblivion is a call to you to conquer your fears.

It’s the third fastest roller coaster after Stealth located at Thorpe Park and the big one at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The photos were discovered on Twitter with a man wearing pictures of safety gear handing out water to passengers in the freezing temperatures.


Alton Towers has one of the most talked about roller coasters on the planet that people have always dreamed of. The riders were required to descend as the roller coaster became stuck between the two. Therefore, Oblivion Ride Alton Towers the Alton Towers of Oblivionis an issue of discussions.

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