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This article on Open Diving Accident Face Split informs our readers about what happened to Emma and the way she escaped the incident.

Are you interested in knowing more about a skydiving incident? No one wants to imagine flying off an aircraft and having their parachute fail to function. Emma’s story Emma is getting a lot of attention throughout America. United States. Amazingly, she was able to tell the tale. The 20-year-old was on her customary Australian trip to Europe. They arrived located in Switzerland five days into what was expected to be a three-month trip and Carey wanted to take a skydive. Learn more about open Diving Accidental face split.

What did happen to Emma?

A three-month adventure of a life-long dream to Europe began with Emma Carey and her closest friend Jemma Mrdak. Emma who is an adrenaline addict was excited to begin Day 5 of the journey towards Switzerland by skydiving even though Jemma her school buddy with a strong objection.

As parachute malfunctions caused her to drop 14,000 feet, what was expected to be a thrilling adventure turned into a nightmare due to the crash. Amazingly, she was able to tell the tale. Emma’s supervisor then handed her a gentle tap on the shoulder to inform Emma that her parachute was now ready to go into open.

OPEN Diving Unexpected Face Split

But the instructor did not wait long enough for the chute to be opened, and then, when it was finally opened it got caught up in it’s safety parachutes. Emma then wrote The Girl Who Fell From the Sky in the novel that chronicles her tragic fall, vividly recalls her preparations to jump into the helicopter that year and three words she spoke to Jemma prior to the harrowing accident. Emma will never forget the feeling of falling to the ground.

The instructor was overwhelmed by the chutes, and then was unconscious. Emma tried to shout at her but she wasn’t responsive. This is the scenario that occurred in the Open Diving the accident that split her face .

Also, her teacher managed to get her to the top alive.

Emma was shocked to discover that her teacher had fallen and was in severe danger, much to her shock. Jemma was the one to take the brunt of the hit as she fell face-first with the instructor sitting over Emma. After she completed her skydiving, Jemma came down without realizing what had happened to her close friend.

After being taken into the hospital Emma underwent pelvic, back, and hip surgery. Two spine fractures caused her to be paralyzed from the mid-section down.

Her return to Australia following her open Diving Injury Face Split and was reunited with her family and friends. She began rehab shortly after and, to her surprise, she began to feel sensations on her legs. She eventually mastered walking even with a slight limp.


It’s been nine years since the accident and although she’s unable to feel anything beyond her stomach and has no control over her bowels or urine, Emma is eternally glad that she’s still around to share her experience with others.

She also wrote an account of her horrific experience , in which she discusses how important it was to have the Open Diving Accident Face split.

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