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In this article we will talk about what happened in the Palmer Eden Car Accident, how many people were killed as well as other aspects of the crash.

Are you familiar with the famous model and actress Palmer Eden? Her name is well-known across in the United States, especially in California. Recently, she was being featured in news across the world and not due to her talent or any controversy however due to the tragic loss of her life. Her death was shocking to the public; hence the public was curious to know the cause of her death.

The authorities have confirmed the death of Palmer Eden. Since then, the public has been examining what caused her death and the reason for her death, and other details about her. If you’d like to learn the details about her passing, you can read her Palmer Eden Car Accident post.

What transpired in the Palmer Eden car accident?

Palmer Eden died in a accident while traveling with her in her black Ford along with her young son. The incident occurred on a Saturday on Interstate 280 in Woodside. It is reported that California Highway Patrol authorities report the incident.

According to authorities, the crash occurred due to a risky collision that occurred on an unintentional right side of Interstate 280 in Woodside. The accident occurred on a the afternoon of a Saturday, after which Palmer Eden was dead on the same day.

More information on How Palmer Eden

Eden Palmer died when she was admitted to a hospital. Authorities confirmed that the reason for her death was the result of serious injuries in the crash. The fetal accident occurred during the collision between a BMW as well as Ford sedan. In her car, Palmer Eden was travelling south on the northbound lanes of the highway.

Who is Palmer Eden?

Palmer Eden was a 54 years old woman traveling with her 14-year-old daughter. She was well-known for her beauty, talent and acting. According to authorities the woman was identified via her social media account which included Twitter.

Information about the death for Palmer Eden

In this difficult time we stand with our Palmer Eden family. They are devastated and cannot provide any information about her death. So, we’re not aware of the details regarding the obituary for Palmer Eden, but as soon as we get to learn, we’ll notify you.

What is the location of the Palmer’s Eden child?

The son of Palmer Eden was admitted to the hospital, and is now under medical supervision. The child was suffering from minor injuries, so the child was receiving medical attention. Right now, authorities don’t disclose her son’s identity.

According to sources her friend is in the process of arranging help for the children, however, the children are in Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital.

Does Palmer Eden driving on the wrong side?

According to police reports the incident happened between BMW as well as the Ford. The Ford, Palmer Eden was driving with his son. was the BMW struck. A 24-year-old Constellation Martin took the wheel of the BMW. Constellation Martin was driving in the wrong direction and struck Palmer Eden’s vehicle which resulted in her death.

Who is Constellation Martin?

Constellation Martin is a woman who is 24 years old. Her occupation is computer instructor According to the police. Although she was being treated in Stanford Hospital, she was detained by police.

According to reports, she was suffering from wrist fractures and was found naked at the scene of the accident. But, police are waiting on toxicology reports. However, the situation raised some concerns.


Palmer Eden died in an accident on Saturday, after an BMW crashed into her vehicle on the wrong side of the highway that is national. The son of Palmer Eden was there with her, and is in good health and receiving medical treatment in the hospital.

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