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This article contains all the details about Patrisse Cullors scam news.

Are you aware of the scam news from PatrisseCullors? Do you want to find out who Patrisse Clullors is? You want to be updated on the latest scam news? You want to know the latest details about this scam news?

What is the Patrisse Khan Cullors Fraud?

According to various reports, Patrisse Khan, one of the founders and leaders of “Black Lives Matter”, is currently accused of stealing $10 million from the charity money and then investing it for his own use. A lawsuit was filed against Patrisse Cullors Scam for misusing organization’s funds.

The lawsuit was filed by former colleagues against PatrisseCullors. During the filing, the court called Mr. Shalomyah bowers. The accused was a former colleague who filed the lawsuit against Patrisse. The court called Mr. Shalomyah Bowers during the court case filing. Reports also state that Black Lives Matter leader brought back-toback four luxury homes.

Property owned by Patrisse Cullors

When Patrisse Khan Cullors, the founder of the Patrisse Cullors scam, began investing in large properties and bought them all, the Patrisse Cullors Scam was exposed. It was helped by the $66.5 million it received from various sponsors following George Floyd’s murder.

Sources claim that the four luxury homes owned by the accused were valued at $ 3 million each. The property’s exact value is now $ 6 million. It has approximately 6500 square feet of total area and includes several fireplaces, bedrooms, bungalows, pools, and other attachments. feet.

What is the Patrisse-Cullors Scam News?

Once the secrets of her luxury homes are revealed, the Patrisse Khan Cllors Scam news is a highlight. The founders, which included PatrisseCullors, created a youtube video of her bungalow on the first anniversary George Floyd’s passing. All the viewers began to question who had the luxury home after seeing the luxurious background.

Later, while investigating the matter further, the co-founders discovered that Patrisse was the accused and owned the personal property. The matter was moved to court after the co-founders filed a lawsuit against Patrisse, the accused.

The Final Closing

Black Live Matters Organisation members are shocked by the shocking news about Patrisse Cullors scam. After the $90 million fiscal scrutiny by Minneapolis Police, the Patrisse Cullors stole money was confirmed.

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