Scam {Aug 2022} Check This Reason Of Associated Risks Here!

The article focuses on the site’s fundamental legitimacy details and the possible Scam.

Are you aware of the latest scam traffic payment system? The issue is the confusion that exists on the site and the findings it has made. Recently , the matter was brought before the authorities from South Africa, and it’s now being investigated. In the meantime, a lot of people are taking this issue into consideration and seeking help from the right authority.

On June 30, 2022, Cape Town traffic authorities decided to launch new payment methods to collect traffic fines. The administration has created new QR codes that allow deals, however, for some unknown reason, a lot of people suffer the consequences of Scam.

What’s the problem?

The Cape Town traffic authority ended the contract it had to the third company. The task of the company was to collect the taxes of commuters as well as traffic fines. On June 30, 2022, the department of traffic made the decision to introduce new payment terms rather than one.

As a brand new payment method, commuters are now able to pay with Masterpass, Zapper and Snapscan. The payment tools can also use QR codes to facilitate the payment via digital. Customers can also pay via The traffic authority has also shut down the old payment systems such as Paycity, clicks, and Easypay. Fraud The Search for Information.

The issue is that numerous people debate the validity of this new payment method. We have analyzed this website’s most important elements. The results are not exactly as favorable as those found available on the website.

  1. The date of creation for the website is a bit recent. It was launched on 6 February 2022. This means that the website is unique and less than two years old.
  2. The domain expires on February 6, 2023. This means that the website has to be renewed in the next 6 months. But , it’s not all-inclusive details. We must find out more. Fraud Other Important Information.

We must also verify whether the legitimacy of the site is legitimate. We have therefore looked at other aspects that are crucial to the site.

  1. The trust score for the website is much lower. The site has one percent of trust score.
  2. The domain’s link is linked to several countries. The countries that were using the website to commit scams or to commit fraud.

It’s also confirmed through an “Whois” search, which can discover the owner of the domain. However, on the other hand we do not see any reviews on the site. This raises doubts about the authenticity of the site and calls attention to scam.

What is it that makes this News Trending?

Many are asking and challenging the traffic authority on the website. The commuters have also posted an account on social media platforms and asked about the best solutions.


Based on research conducted online Based on internet research, we can conclude that the website does not provide the right solution to all of the questions and does have some pay-scam possibilities. The website is also not using the proper “HTTPS” protocol for security.

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