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Brazilian President Jairbolsonaro apologized for being accused of Pedofilia crime Ediondo.

What do you know about the pedophilia crime in Peru? Are you familiar with the recent case of pedophilia in Brazil? Recent controversy in Brazil caused a lot of attention. Jair Bolsonaro (Brazilian President) recently apologized for the “Pedophilia” controversy during a press conference.

But why did he suddenly apologise? The Pedofilia Criminal Ediondo article will explain exactly what happened. Let’s now get into the details.

Why did Jair Bolsonaro apologise?

It all began on 17th October 2022 with Senator Randolfe Rodrigues accusing Brazilian President Jairbolsonaro, of allegedly advocating pedophilia. Rodrigues said in an interview that Rodrigues had asked the Federal Supreme Court for an investigation into the matter.

Rodrigues is one the coordinators of Lula da Silva’s former president. Jair Bolsonaro’s critics accused him of being involved with a serious crime such as pedophilia.

Why did Jairbolsonaro opponents mention Pedofilia crime Hediondo?

Brazilian President Jair Bossonaro claimed that he visited Brazil’s poorest neighborhood last year, where he met up to four “pretty Venezuelan girls.” They were all between fourteen and fifteen years old.

Jair Bolsonaro noticed that their house had almost fifteen to twenty Venezuelan teenage girls. Jair Bolsonaro received a reply from the girls that they were getting ready for Saturday. People feel that Jair Bolsonaro should avoid using the phrase “pretty girl”

Many people are receiving the Crime Hediondo Significado. They can smell what is going on. But, was Jair Bolsonaro involved?

Jair Bolsonaro spoke with the girls and suspected that they were involved in a sex business. This statement by Jair Bolsonaro became viral and was constantly criticized by his opponents on social media.

Jair Bolsonaro offered his apology for calling the girls “very pretty.” He asked for forgiveness for injuring the feelings of the Venezuelan girls. That’s all for today’s Pedofilia Criminal Ediondo article.


Q.1 What is the opponent to Jair Bolsonaro,

Ans. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Q.2 who won the first round?

Ans. Lula da Silva.

Q.3 What were the previous professions of Jair Bolsonaro and

Ans. Jair Bolsonaro was a retired military officer.

Q.4 Is Jair Bolsonaro a pedophile?

Ans. We can’t say anything until we have an official statement. .

Q.5 What’s the age of Jair Bolsonaro in

Ans. 67 years.

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