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This research on Pittsburgh Zoo Painted Dogs is intended to update readers on the tragic death of Maddox Derkosh. Get all the latest updates from this page.

Are you still able to recall the 2012 attack on a two-year-old at Pittsburgh Zoo’s painted dogs? When two-year old was attacked by the Pittsburgh Zoo painted dogs, it shocked everyone. Nearly every news channel from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom covered the incident. Keep reading this post if you can’t recall the incident. We will provide all pertinent details.

Pittsburgh Zoo: Two Painted Dogs Attacked a Toddler!

Online sources state that a toddler had been taken to Pittsburgh by his mother on November 4, 2012 to take a tour. However, the child was attacked by a zoo dog. Maddox Derkosh saw the dogs after his mother lifted him. Despite many warnings and signboards, the father raised his son. The father lifted the son and then a painting dog attacked him. The parents filed a lawsuit against zoo officials.

Pittsburgh Zoo: African Painted Dogs

Pittsburgh Zoo kept the Painted Dogs as an exhibit for the public’s enjoyment. After an incident in 2012, authorities took strict action and moved all African Painted Dogs out of their zoo. Elizabeth and Jason Derkosh had filed a lawsuit after their son was attacked with a Painted Dog. Maddox Derkosh was just a small child. Elizabeth, his mom, lifted him to allow them to see the dogs. The painted dog trampled the child and he fell.

Later, one of the Pittsburgh Zoo Painted Dogs was shot by the authorities. The dog was killed, and authorities tried to save him.

Pittsburgh Zoo Authority takes action!

Following the incident, authorities assured them they would shift all ten dogs. One of the dogs was saved by being killed. The rest of the dogs were kept in an unknown location. African Painted Dogs Pittsburgh Zoo are one of the most deadly dog species. To ensure the safety of visitors, they closed the area where the painted dog were kept for the next five month. Later, they were moved to other locations.


We have summarized all facts regarding the attack of Maddox Derko’s Painted dog here. While the child was not able to be saved, the authorities took strict steps to ensure safety for all.

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