Postal Notice Text Scam What is Smishing Text SMS Fraud?

You can learn more about smishing text scams by reading the Postal Note Text Scam article.

Are you receiving unsolicited text messages from mobile phones with strange or unrelated links for USPS delivery? To find out if you have received any unusual SMS, check your phone. A package is ready to be delivered, but has been suspended because of an exact delivery address.

Do not click on the text SMS. It is part of a new scam in the United States known as smishing. This involves fraudulently sending text messages. This is the “Postal Notice Text Scam”.

What is Smishing SMS Fraud?

This technique is used in smishing, a type of text message fraud. “Smishing” is a form of phishing that uses a phone number or text message to send a message to a consumer requesting financial or personal information.

To justify their claims, these scammers often pretend to be banks, governments, or other businesses. First, you receive a text notification on the phone. When you open the text, a USPS message will be revealed. Clicking on the text will reveal a fake USPS message.

Fake Text Messages

The US Post Office is a trusted company that scammers often use. It is easy for scammers to deceive people using the US Postal Service. This phishing scheme is not connected to the US Postal Service.

Fake USPS SMS messages can be in many forms including:

  • Text to confirm that you have some questions about a delivery.
  • Send a text warning that delivery will not be made unless the required information is provided.
  • There is no specific notification about the delivery.
  • Notification of updated delivery instructions

Final Thoughts

According to our research, the US post office is used widely in the US. This tactic is used in smishing, which is a type of fraud via text messages. Smishing is phishing that targets phone numbers or text messages. This involves sending consumers a fake SMS message to obtain their financial or personal information.

For more information about US post office, please click here.

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