Rain causes flooding and slick roads across LA Readout

Los Angeles County’s recent rainfall has created major problems for the roads. There have been flooding issues in many areas, making it difficult to navigate Friday.

However, drivers are still able to drive in normal conditions when the rain has stopped. Ventura Boulevard in San Fernando Valley is one example. Drivers have been able to travel at normal speeds despite being under water .

This is not the case elsewhere in the city where flooding has caused significant problems. At Laurel Canyon Boulevard for instance, heavy rain has led to substantial flooding. Many cars have turned around to avoid the standing water. The flooding has reached six inches deep earlier Friday, according to reports.

People who are running errands claim that the rain has not prevented them from continuing their day. They are taking extra care when using slick roads.

Residents in nearby hillside communities who suffered mudflows during January storms are still monitoring the situation. Some people reported seeing mini-coopers floating from the flooding.

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