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Are you interested in knowing more the story of Ralph Yarl? Do you want to know what happened to Ralph Yarl? If so, you should read this article to the very end. The news of the shooting of Ralph Yorl has been spread throughout Canada, the United States, Canada, as well as the United Kingdom. Many are keen to learn more about the shooting. If you want to learn more what happened to Ralph Yarl Fox, you must read the story without being distracted.

What Happened to Ralph Yarl?

Ralph Yarl is a 16 years old teen who hails from Kansas City, Missouri. Yarl was killed by an 84-year-old man identified as Andrew D. Lester. Yarl had a mishap when she entered the wrong place to collect his siblings. Lester is charged with the crime of criminal assault as well as armed act. Kansas City police have submitted the charge sheet to the prosecutor. The incident happened in the late evening, at night when Ralph was preparing to take his younger siblings from his home on N.E. 115th Terrace. The news broke following the Shooter was detained.

How Did the Incident Happen?

Lester claimed that he was in bed when he heard the doorbell. Then, he grabbed a 32 Smith and Wesson 1888 revolver before entering the door. According to court records officers noticed that the front door’s glass was cracked when Lester was in the house. Then, Lester consented to search his home. The front door of the house was comprised of an internal main door as well as an exterior glass door. The moment Lester went to the front door, he saw the presence of a black male pushing the door to the outside. Lester was convinced that someone had attempted to enter his home.

Lawsuit against Lester

When the charging document was filed against Lester The court process was in full swing. The complete details are included in the court report. The Prosecutor is handling this case according to the report of an investigation. According to the court’s document, Lester shot Ralph twice when he walked through the door. After Ralph was wounded the victim went to several houses to get help, before calling the police. After some time, the police arrived at the scene. Ralph suffered a laceration to his forehead on the left side as well as his right hand. The good news is that Ralph was discharged from hospital. Information has been collected through the law enforcement agencies.

Reactions of the Family Members

Family members are delighted to have their son back. They are also thrilled to learn of the arrest of the suspect. The father of Ralph, Paul Yarl, stated that one of his primary school teachers was prepared to testify on the way Ralph as a student was. When Ralph received the invitation from his teacher to testify in the evidence, Ralph smiled. The father of Ralph also said that Ralph is a good spirit and a humble boy. Mayor Quinton Lucas added that he’s happy to see that justice has been done for Ralph. He also listened to the Story and promised to keep informed about the case.

About the Arrest of Lester

An arrest warrant has been issued by the authority to an arrest warrant for Lester. A bond of $200,000 has also been established. Ralph’s father Ralph said that Lester might have notified the police before taking this severe decision.


Lester could have notified others when he suspected imminent danger. However, he shouldn’t make such a shrewd choice that might have ended the life of an innocent child. Ralph might have lost his life because of an unwise decision made by Lester. To learn more, click here.

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