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Richard Levick Death Cause and Obituary

On April 11, 2023, Richard S. Levick, Esq. died of cancer at 65, as per an announcement by his company, LEVICK. Phil Elwood, a spokesman for the company, said that the cancer of his body was the reason for his passing.

The management team of the company released an acknowledgment of Richard’s major contribution to the field of communications. They also stated the legacy of his work will shape the field for many years to be.

“We have lost a great man, an inspiring mentor, a pioneering leader, and a true friend to many of us in this business. We will miss Richard deeply, but his legacy will live on through the work that we do every day, the people who were made better for having known him, and the countless reputations that were saved because of him.”

They expressed their profound sadness over their loss to a wonderful man, inspirational teacher, pioneering leader and a true partner to many people in the industry. They also said that Richard’s legacy will continue to be felt in the work they perform every day, the lives who he touched, as well as the many reputations he helped to secure.

Richard Levick Crisis Communications Specialist Dies at 65

Richard Levick, a well-known crisis communication expert based within Washington DC, passed away on April 11, at his age of 65. He was the creator of Levick Strategic Communications, a firm that assists foreign governments, corporations as well as high-profile individuals with legal issues or other crises.

The company is located on its location in the Washington Street corridor, where numerous lobbyists and other prominent individuals are employed. Levick Strategic Communications focuses on creating positive media coverage for clients who are struggling by preparing their executive interviews for them, urging journalists to adopt more sympathetic perspectives, and disseminating positive information via news releases as well as social media. Phil Elwood, a spokesman for Levick’s company, said that Levick died of cancer.

How Did Richard Levick Die?

Richard Levick, a highly respected public relations professional died the 11th of April, 2023 aged 65. He was well-known as a professional who could create positive media coverage for problematic clients, which included foreign companies and governments.

The firm, Levick Communications, was situated on the K Street corridor of Washington D.C. and was offered monthly rates of $75,000 or more. Levick Communications had represented numerous prominent clients throughout his time.

Phil Elwood, a spokesperson for the company, has confirmed that Levick died from cancer. Through his entire time in the business, Levick had worked with the heads of state and CEOs across the globe, usually in dangerous and challenging environments that required more security precautions.

Who is Richard Levick?

Born on the 10th of December 1957 at Mamaroneck, New York, Richard Levick grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. His father worked in the field of real estate and his mother died at the age of only four.

Levick completed his studies at Walt Whitman High School in 1975, and then enrolled at in the University of Maryland, where the major was political science. Following his graduation, Levick worked in a research group headed by Ralph Nader in Michigan before receiving his law degree from American University in 1987. In his professional life, Levick represented a dozen Kuwaitis being held as suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay , Cuba in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The firm developed a dual-tiered public relations plan for the detainees. It was designed to present faces to the detainees, and to emphasize their innocence. It also helped people be aware that the problems facing the detainees impact every one of us Americans.

The firm of Levick created an online portal to share information on the detainees but the methods were condemned by the families of victims who believed the company had manipulated public opinion in favor of detainees. Despite the controversy Levick continued to provide advice to clients in similar situations all throughout the course of his professional career.

Richard Levick Wife and Kids

After completing the law faculty, Levick made the move to public relations industry and founded Levick Strategic Communications at the age of 1995. He got married to Jennifer Kuhn in 2002, and the couple welcomed two kids. Levick was known for his dedication to his family, and often stressed the importance of keeping the balance between work and family.

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