Roads Notice Scam Know How To Escape From It!

Roads Warning will teach you the most common scams used on the roads and how to avoid them.

Are you aware that there are many road scams in Australia? Have you been tricked by a scammer before? Every day, people are reporting various types of scams!

Today, scammers use different media to con people. These include text messages, email, and social media. We will be discussing the Roads Notice Fraud.


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Scammers use different methods to con people. We will be discussing some of the most popular scams in Australia.

Scammers use toll-pay to con people. A text message is sent to multiple drivers with details about the due date, amount and payment link. Scammers request payment within the time limit from the link in the message.

But, the link takes you to an unauthenticated website which aims to steal your banking and personal data.

The Roads Notice Scam is another way people can be tricked. Road notices are used to divert or block roads in rural areas. Tourists are asked to pay money to remove the obstruction once they reach the area.

In such situations, if you don’t say yes, they will ask for another route or return to where you were.

Flat tire scam is another common road scam. Flat tire scams involve people being distracted by asking for help with flat tires or offering to help you replace yours. They place nails on the roads to cause flat tires. They will distract you and take your valuable belongings in return for helping.

Roads Notice Scam – How to Escape from It?

Some situations the scammer intended to con people into believing are real can be made more convincing by using tricks.

  • Be wary of emails and text messages that redirect you to unverified websites.
  • Don’t provide any personal or banking-related information on any website
  • Report to the police any roadblockage that asks for money.
  • Be aware of scams and be wise.


Roads Notice Scam is one of the most common ways scammers use to trick people. These scams are common and you should be alert if you commute frequently. Learn more about road scams.

Are you a victim of any type of scam? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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