Sami Khedira Girlfriend 2023 Know All Details!

Sami Khedira Girlfriend 2023/Who is Sami Khedira and Does Sami Khedira ever have a girlfriend? These are two important questions. Fortunately, we have details about Sami Khedira Girlfriend 2023. These sections will provide all the details regarding Sami Khedira Girlfriend, 2023.

Who are Sami Khedira’s Girlfriends?

The gender of Sami Khedira’s 2023 girlfriend is still unknown. Sami Khedira is an Soccer Player. She was born on April 4, 1988. Learn more about Sami Khedira at the following sections.

Sami Khedira Biography

Fans are currently searching Sami Khedira’s Soccer Player bio. Here is the Sami Khedira biography. Sami Khedira gained popularity and people now eagerly search Sami Khedira’s biography. The biography of Sami Khedira is available below.

Let’s start by addressing Sami Khedira’s Age. Sami Khedira, according to allfamousbirthday, is 35 years of age. Sami Khedira measures 189cm tall, according to allfamousbirthday. You can find the entire Sami Khedira biography in the table below.

NameSami Khedira
Date of BirthApril 4, 1987
Age35 years old
BirthplaceStuttgart, Germany
Height189 cm
Weight90 kg

Sami Khedira Real Name

Sami Khedira may not be known by most people. Check out this section to learn more about Sami Khedira. Sami Khedira has no other name.

Sami Khedira Age

Sami Khedira is a 1987-born. Sami Khedira is 35. Sami Khedira was originally born in Stuttgart.

Sami Khedira Height

This section provides information for people who don’t know the height of Sami Khedira. Sami Khedira measures 189cm in height and weighs 90kg according to allfamousbirthday.

Sami Khedira Net Worth

Sami Khedira was so popular and has been so successful. If you’re looking for Sami Khedira’s Net Worth, here’s the information. Sami Khedira is worth $60 Million, according to allfamousbirthday.

Sami Khedira Girlfriend

Is Sami Khedira, the Soccer Player, married or is there a girlfriend for Sami Khedira? His personal life is what his fans want to know. Sami Khedira hasn’t shared any information about his personal life. Follow our page to stay up-to-date with the celebrity’s biography.

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