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The article you’ll discover more information what you need to know about San Saba Suicide investigation. Receive updates on the case, as well as the details of this case. Murder of suicide.

Did you hear about the San Saba couple’s tragic death? Why did they commit suicide? The evening of Wednesday night, the police announced the death of two individuals who were confirmed as an unmarried couple. The incident occurred near the 1200 Block of Wallace Street in the parking lot of the Store.

Many are shocked by the rapid increase of Murder and suicide cases across the United States. The recent murder-suicide case shocked and left people in shock. If you are looking for details about San Saba Suicide be sure to stay on top of the news and be sure to read it thoroughly.

Suicide Report

The incident occurred in the parking lot of a retail store in which a gunshot was discovered two dead. After the Police looked into the incident they found out that the couple involved was Ben Henniger and his wife, Lei Henniger. Their son, who is a young one, confirms the story by speaking to Police about the argument between the parents.

The couple had a disagreement for a while and was in the process of getting divorced. Ben was dissatisfied about the divorce and contacted his wife about the matter. In the blink of an eye, the conversation gets hot, and Ben decides to shoot his wife. In the aftermath of Shooting Lie, Ben killed himself using this gun.

Police Report

Police concluded their investigation and released the child of the duo to family members. According to the account of the Young Kid, his mother dropped him off at school then his father appeared and got into an argument. The kid shows no indication of attack or injury however, the incident does a lot to traumatize him.

Furthermore, the chief Of San Saba police John Bauer said to the media that it was a shock and a terror. I am unable to express the fullness of my condolences for family members and family members. It’s a very difficult time for all of the family members.

Are San Saba becoming another dangerous city in the United States?

Numerous cases occurred in various cases took place in United States, but it was one of the most tragic instances where two people took suicide. The public is shocked to hear to learn that there could be mass murders in the City in the event of this. Citizens rely completely on the Police and government to prevent violence.

Wiki Details of Couple

Name Husband: Ben Hennigers Wife: Lei Hennigers Age Ben: 45 Lei: 40 Children 1 child Profession Information unavailable Nationality American Family Information unavailable.

In addition, the police did not provide any additional details about the Murder investigation. In addition the child is the hands of their family members.

Insider News

The police department, which is a cheap one, discovered that Lei and Ben were not happy with their relationship. While they did have a kid, Ben and Lei always fight over minor topics and the resulting arguments can be quite messy. The most intimate photo couples’ photo indicates the fact that, when they made the decision to split, Ben seemed unhappy with the decision.

Couples were a part of the idea of taking a significant step towards suicide. The belief is that things will be improved if they talk to each other and work out their issues. However, things end up being worse for Ben which leads him to Murder his wife.

Link to Social Media

Unfortunately, links to social media aren’t available for the murder-suicide case, and information of the people who are involved in the murder-suicide incident is accessible in news stories.


An account of a murder-suicide investigation was reported via San Saba, where the body of a couple was discovered on the lot that was the Store. According to the police the couple was having a difficult time and was having an argument that turned violent. In the end, the spouse, Ben, took out the gun and shot Lei, his wife. Lei.

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