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This article at Scarycontent18 Cat video will give you all the information about this disturbing video showing a brutally tortured cat.

Are you familiar with the cat video? Have you seen the video of a cat being thrown into a blender? On social media, a terrifying video of someone torturing a kitten is going viral. The video has caused distress among people around the globe, and they are now spreading hateful comments about it. This post at Scarycontent18 Cat Video explains all the details of the viral cat video in a blender.

Why is scarecontent18 on the rise?

A video of a cat in blender was recently uploaded, but it has created an outburst of rage among the public. After watching the video, people are shocked. Many people are probably wondering why scarycontent18 is so popular. It’s called scarycontent18, and it is a name for a social network account that posted the cat on a Blender profile. The account has been made private due to its offensive videos. On Tiktok, the video has been discussed by many people. On social media, there are many offensive comments made about the video.

What was the viral video for scarycontent18 about?

The scarycontent18 page posted a shocking video on the internet that made everyone wonder if anyone was insane enough to do that. What exactly was offensive about this video? In the video, a person put a cat alive in a mixer and then turned on the blender. Telegram reports claim that the cat appeared to have many bruises on its body and was bleeding. The cat had died a lot by this time, but they didn’t stop. Later, they put the injured kitten in a mixer and then switched on the micro-wave. The video then was turned off. The video was too disturbing for anyone to watch.

Who was the person in the Blender cat video?

Many people are searching the web to identify the person who posted the offensive video. Some people have even shown the location of the Instagram user who posted the video. Snapchat was used to create the cat in blender video. So, some people attempted to track down the location of the person. The location of the video is not accurate. Some people have also assumed that the person who recorded this video is Chinese because of the Chinese written on the blender. Still, the exact address or identity of person who recorded video has not been found.

Where can I get the video?

The video originally came from Snapchat. However, someone leaked it onto social media platforms. Reddit was another place where the video went viral. The video was removed from the internet due to its offensive content. Although many people claim they have the video, it does not work. The video can be seen in certain posts on social media, but it is not the entire video. In addition, people are spreading hatred towards the video. Some are even discussing filing a police report against the individual who recorded it. This video is also being condemned by the whole internet.

Final verdict

The cat in the blender video is disgusting and frightening. Also, the account titled scaryvideos18 now has a private status. Click on this link for more information about the video featuring a cat and a blender.

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