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This article about Ser Criston Cole Death will provide all the details and figures related to the end of the House of dragons.

Have you seen House of the Dragon? Are you confused by the end of House of the Dragon? It seems that the House of the Dragon ending has puzzled many viewers. Many viewers from across the globe are intrigued by the web series. If you are looking for the complete information about the web-based series, keep going through this article about Ser Criston Cole Death..

What was the fate of the character of Ser Criston Cole in the episode 5 of House of the Dragons?

The House of the Dragon ending is a shock to everyone who watched it. Everyone was shocked at the reason why Ser Criston Cole attempted to commit suicide. On episode 5, the series, Ser Criston Cole decides to take his own life. this life with a knife stabbed into the stomach. However, at the very last moment, he is interrupted by Alicent who appeared on the Hightower green, and didn’t say anything other than his name. We were unable to determine what she was saying following. One thing that’s clear in this interview is the fact that Criston appears the most likely to change sides.

Why Did Ser Criston Kill Joffrey?

Another thing that is shocking in the show is the fact that Ser Criston was able to murder Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. The motive behind his decision to commit murder Ser Joffrey in the name of Rhaenyra. Ser Joffrey was getting married to Rhaenyra. Ser Criston was also fond of Rhaenyra however, when he expressed his feelings towards her she resisted because she was unable to lose her crown, and that she had more important duties to fulfill aside from playing some kind of love game. Ser Criston was disappointed as Rhaenyra went out to dinner together with Ser Criston. Read on to learn more about the events that take place for Ser Criston Cole. According to the sources, the most shocking part about this is Rhaenyra admits to Ser Criston that he could remain with him when she’s engaged to Ser Joffrey. This caused Ser Criston with resentment and anger and he made the decision to kill the bride-to-be’s fiancee.

Was the consequence from the death of the Ser Joffrey Lonmouth?

A lot of people are contemplating whether Ser Joffrey is actually dead. Yes however, what did happen to Criston Cole following his decision to murder Ser Joffrey? It appears that Criston Cole is very much alive and well, as Alicent said to him. Continue reading for more information about the relationship between Ser Criston Cole, and Alicent. But, he pleaded with Alicent to murder him because the guilt was overwhelming him and regret. What transpired after this is not known in various ways, because the conversations that took place between Alicent with Ser Joffrey was not revealed. According to reports there is another reason Ser Criston Cole’s decision to reveal the truth about his relationship together with Rhaenyra to Alicent which left many stunned.


In the final paragraph of this blog it is possible to conclude that Ser Criston was attempting to commit suicide because of the guilt and guilt that he felt due to Rhaenyra. The end was certainly remarkable, as was the mystery surrounding the murder of Ser Criston Cole is still a mystery.. Visit this page to find out more about the conclusion of The House of the Dragon. House of the Dragon

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