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We will be discussing details about Serena McKay Video Reddit as well as why it is becoming so popular online.

What would your reaction be if you found out that someone was live-telecasting a murder victim’s video online? It would be shocking, terrifying, and disturbing to see the entire incident. Even though it’s a terrible incident, many people in the Philippines, Chile and all over the globe witnessed it in 2017. Do you remember the case of murder?

If you have forgotten or aren’t familiar with this case, you can read the entire post. This article will only briefly cover the main aspects of Serena McKay Video Reddit. It is a popular online trend.

What is the Serena McKay Video on Reddit?

The internet went viral with a video purporting to be Serena McKay’s murder video. Reddit user anonymous uploaded the first video. It later went viral. We found the video to be quite disturbing and removed it from all social media except Telegram.

Information about Serena McKay’s Murder Case

Serena McKay died on April 22nd or 23rd 2017, although the death date has yet to be confirmed. She was an Indigenous woman hailing from Manitoba, Canada. The murder video was recorded using a cell phone and then shared via social media. This case of murder was made viral by Serena Chelsea McKay.

According to reports McKay’s corpse was discovered in Sagkeeng First Nation near Winnipeg, Manitoba on the 23rd of April 2017. The murder video went viral online and was first broadcast live on Facebook and then later on Twitter. Two versions of the murder were circulated online, however.

This is the first Facebook version, which was long and lasts for four hours. Here’s the second short version. After being reported, the video had been removed from Facebook on April 26th. Because the content was sensitive, all videos and photos were removed.


Serena McKay has been trending in the news because someone recently posted a brutal murder video. Although the video was deleted from the internet, it went viral online and was quickly posted by an unknown Reddit user.

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