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This article attempts to uncover the true cause of Shanquella’s suicide and highlights the Story in Shanquella. Full Video Trending on Different Platforms.

Did you see the latest Shanquella Robinson news? A viral video that shows a girl being beaten to death by another woman has been trending on social media. Robinson was the girl, and she traveled with her friends to Cabo. People around the world have been disturbed by the video and are now seeking justice for the woman, who is 25 years old. See the Shanquella Robinson Full Video Details in this post.

How did Shanquella Robinson pass away?

Shanquella was on a trip to Cabo with her friends. One of the video clips showed that Shanquella got into a fight with another woman. Although her friends believe she died from alcohol poisoning due to her injuries, the broken neck and spinal cord of Shanquella reveal something different. To determine the cause of death, autopsy reports are still being waited.

Visuals from the Cctv Footage

Video footage shows Shanquella being beaten repeatedly by a woman. She then falls to the ground. Robinson is unable to stand and is being asked by the man who recorded the video. She is apparently intoxicated and cannot move. Robinson was struck and punched repeatedly by the woman, who died within 24 hours after her arrival in Cabo.

The detailed story of the incident

Robinson’s death was not a mystery. Her friends fled from Mexico with no trace of her body. According to autopsy reports, she suffered from a back spasm and a fractured neck.

Shanquella’s family suspects that Shanquella was the victim of something terrible, but they are still waiting for the truth. They still await the cause of Shanquella’s death. The family was asked to find a private investigator to further investigate the matter.

Is this video on Twitter trending?

The horrific scenes were captured by an unidentified man, which was then shared on all social media platforms including Twitter. The video went viral because people started sharing it with friends and family as soon as they saw it.

Who was Shanquella Robinson’s companion on this trip?

Shanquella traveled to Cabo, Mexico to celebrate one her Friends’ birthdays. Unfortunately, she died within 24 hours. According to some, her friend hit her and slammed on her neck, causing her death.

Others also believe that she might have been intoxicated, but not known. This could be an attempt to offend her and beat her. She would not have believed that she would be able to die from her injuries. Robinson’s mother is devastated and demands answers.

Shanquella Robinson’s Instagram video

Many people have responded to Robinson’s Instagram post with a flood of comments. She traveled to Mexico on October 28, 2022 and mysteriously died 24 hours later.

People are furious at the video taken from Mexico’s hotel room. They demand accurate reports from authorities. Shanquella’s friends can be heard cheering on the woman who beat her continuously.

What was Reddit’s response?

True Crime had a thread about the incident. However, the post was removed because of some issues. However, people commented to the post and requested more information.

Robinson was also beaten continuously for 15 minutes before her death. There may be more recordings that provide more information, according to some people.


An autopsy report revealed that Shanquella had suffered broken ribs, neck and neck. Further investigation is ongoing. We are eager to hear more about the horrible incident Shanquella Robinson Full video.

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