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Sheingivesback com scam: Exclusive facts you can’t get anywhere else about the scam. was founded in China and has its headquarters in Singapore. SheIn allows customers to review products in the United States. TikTok reviews indicate that SheIn Help Center has apparel available for free trial.

You may not know, but scammers will lure their customers to buy other goods and services on fraudulent websites in order to obtain gift cards. Check out the Sheingivesback com Fraud.

Give back program by SheIn:

SheIn only offers free clothing trials. SheIn doesn’t offer gift cards for $750 and above. SheIn does offer gift cards for purchase to give as gifts to family and friends.

Another way to get $750 credit to your SheIn account is by completing 8 platinum deals, 1 gold deal and 1 silver deal. To avoid Shein’s Gives Back Scam, customers need to complete eight platinum deals, one gold deal, and one Silver deal. These deals require purchasing products and/or services from by using the same email address. Sign up for Flash Deals with same email before you complete deals.

Use multiple unauthentic domains :

Fraudsters made it simple to catch customers. redirects customers to Tappco is an inline-frame (IFrame) within different website, and is associated with,,,,,,,,,,,

SheIn Gives back Fraud:

It is evident that Tappco, a fraudulent network of websites offering SheIn Gift Cards and other programs is a fraud. When a customer visits the Sheingivesback com Scam, he will be asked three questions.

1. Do you shop at Shein? You can choose Yes (or No) 2. How will you spend the $750 towards Shein? Choose to Keep or Give to Friend. How often do you shop per week? You can select from 3, 3-7, 7-10 or 10+.

Luring customers:

Tappco promises to give away a $750-$800 giftcard in exchange for immediate subscription to certain services such as Sirius Radio. Customers are required to pay an amount for this service under the Sheingivesback Scam. Email of the customer is sent under the banner of an e-giftcard.

Shein gives customers back their reviews of fraud and fake customer reviews

The customers who took surveys or subscribed to Tappco’s offers did not receive a gift card. appears to be a scam based on three customer reviews posted in social media, a YouTube review and three reviews of the website. & Tappco: is a website launched in Tempe, AZ USA on the 28th/January/2023. was registered in Tempe, AZ for a period of one year. It is a website with a three-month and sixteen-day age. is therefore due to expire in 8-months-and-16-days on 28th/January/2024.

Domains By Proxy LLC provides paid services that censors the identities of Sheingivesback com Scam site owners and their contact details. only works in certain regions. Domain Authority, 5% does not protect user data because it uses HTTP protocol. Its IP also lacks an SSL certificate. has not been blacklisted. Tappco, the registrar for and websites, hosts a large percentage of scamming or fraudulent websites.

Conclusion: offers a legit multinational efashion store that includes genuine customer reviews, gift cards and rewards programs. To learn more about SheIn click here. Note that you can only access these offers if you go to the SheIn official website in your region. SheIn didn’t endorse or authorize for their loyalty programs, (or) $750 in gift cards! therefore is a fraud.

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