Siappgunm Com {Aug} All Special Explore Services, Authenticity See ! is a website that accepts enrollments for the PPG Program.

Do you hail from Indonesia and are interested in higher education at Makassar State University? Are you interested in a teacher professional education program? What is the process for enrolment? Are you familiar with the deadlines for applying online and sending your application via postal mail? Are you familiar with the official website for applying?

Let’s take a look at participation in the online application process. allows you to apply for a program of professional education for teachers at the Makassar State University. It is easy to apply. will allow you to create an account by enrolling your UKG#, Peg ID, fullname, whatsapp number and creating a custom password.

After being enrolled, applicants must log in again to update their personal, educational, and family information. Only relevant documents should be uploaded to in.PDF format. After the application process has been completed, the administrator of the PPG will review the information provided by the applicant and then communicate the enrollment details.

The legitimacy Siappgunm : has a horrible trust index of 1%. This is a low business ranking of 58.9% and an Alexa rank of 2,414,946. also scored 26% in suspicion profiles and 5% in phishing or threat profiles. This website has a 1% spam score and 2% malware score. cannot be trusted. didn’t mention its affiliation to Makassar state University. The links to terms and privacy policies redirect users to’s home page. also mentioned Muhammad Irfan as its contact person, with his phone number at +62(0)0851030-97699 as well as email address at

However, Siappgunm com‘s owner is Aswar Kasim, Karossa Teknologi Center. He can be found at Km 6 Desa Karossa. Mamuju Tengah. Sumatera Barat-91460. Aswar Kasim can be reached at +62(0)0852987-30727. His email address is This is not a business email. was created in Indonesia on 4 July 2022. was created one month ago. Website has a very short life expectancy. It expires in ten months and eleven calendar days, on the 4th of July 2023. uses HTTPS as a valid protocol. The IP also has an SSL certificate valid for the next 39-days. offers services through two servers in the USA., and the servers on which it is hosted, have been identified as a source for scams. There are several scam websites on the same server.


Siappgunm com’s application timeline began on June 6th-2022 and ended July 15th-2022. The 18th of July 2022 is the last day to enrol in LMS, independent learning, or orientation. PPG positions will be available until September 29, 2022. Exams start October 3, 2022. has been deemed an unlegitimate website due to its poor trust index, Alexa ranking and business records. We recommend that you visit the official MSU website to apply.

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