Sim Wong Hoo Passed Away Know About His Net Worth

This article contains information about Sim Wong Hoo’s passing as well as his life details. Find out more about this topic by reading the following article.

Did you know that Sim Wong Hoo died? He is considered one of Singapore’s most successful entrepreneurs. Creative Technology, Sim’s home-grown business that he established in 1981, was founded by him.

Sim WongHoo is gone, and everyone is talking. He was a well-known entrepreneur, and is known for his technological skills. Let’s dive into this more in the article below.

Sim Wong Hoo is who?

Sim WongHoo is Creative Technology’s chairman and chief executive officer in Singapore. He was born 1955 and died aged 67. He died in January 2023. The news of his death was published on January 5, 2023. Although the Cause of his death is still unknown, it has been confirmed that he died peacefully. Sim’s death has caused huge losses for Singaporeans, the technology world, and Singaporeans.

More information about Sim Wong Hoo

Sim began his journey as a computer shop owner in Chinatown in 1981. His goal was to become the most successful tech entrepreneur of Singapore. At 40 years old, Sim became Singapore’s youngest billionaire. His Net Worth was about 1.5 USD at his death.

What Happened to Sim After His Death?

After Mr. Sim’s tragic death, there was an uproar. Creative Technology saw its share price rise to 33%, which is a new record for the company. Its stock prices have been at their highest point in four months. Last September, shares prices increased in a similar fashion. All Sim colleagues are sorry to hear this, and they look forward working harder to make the company a better place.

Is Sim Wong Hoo Married?

Sim Wong Hoop’s personal life is a curiosity to all Singaporeans. Karen Ngui is Sim Wong Hoo’s wife. He said once that if a woman wants to be a successful entrepreneur, she should not get married. He believes that more relationships mean greater responsibilities. And he certainly got into them in his life.

He didn’t reveal much of his private life. He had a boy and a girl. He preferred to keep his children away from fame.

The author’s personal life

Sim Wong Hoo was a child of a Zhao’an family in Singapore. He was born on 25th August 1955. He went to Bukit Pantjang Government High school and finished his education at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He worked in the National Services and in private Engineering. Later, his products were designed and manufactured for computers. Then, he set up his own shop and bought it to support the top Tech Entrepreneurs.

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Sim Wong Hoo Nickname Sim Wong Hoo Profession Technology Enterprise Date of birth 1995 Date to death 4th January 20,23 Age 67 Singaporean Nationality Karen Ngui Kids One daughter, one boy Net Worth $1.5billion


Everyone is saddened to hear of Sim Woo Hoo’s sudden death. Although the cause of his death remains unknown, many people have written glowing tributes to him on social networking sites. He was a true icon in the Technology Industry. It is not known if his family is still alive. However, his colleagues are devastated by his death at Creative Technology.

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