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Within Slime Rancher 2, do you want to know the best places to find Batty Slimes? Following the release of Slime Rancher 2, many players are now searching for particular types of slimes all over the world. In the brand new adventure, you can find a variety of tasks you can undertake as well as new locations to explore. There are also new slimes to be included in these new ranching zones. In this article we’ll provide a guide on how to find Batty Slimes in the Slime Rancher 2. Wiki.

Which are slimes that are batty?

Batty Slime from Slime Rancher 2 is a brand new slime that has red and blue eyes. The slime is more like bats than you would expect in real life, like the name suggests.

However, there are many aspects of this new slime type that we have to learn. At present we know that batty slimes are consuming fruits.

Which is the price of the Slime Rancher 2 Steam price?

The price for it is $29.99. According to the Fandom Wiki has received comments from players who claim that the Slime is more violent and could eat meat than fruits. They could also be sensitive to light. We’ll need to keep an eye on them and see what more Slime Rancher 2 could reveal about this type of Slime.

Batty Slime locations in Slime Rancher 2?

Slime Rancher 2 Drones are available only within the Ember Valley region. Before Batty Slime will arrive on your property, you must first allow access to this area.

If you are in the Ember Valley Region isn’t locked You can look for Batty Slimes that are a bit more difficult to locate. But, as you explore the region you’ll eventually find them flying around among the other Chrystal as well as Slime Rancher 2 Drone. If you see one, make sure you have plenty of fruits to hand, including the pomegranates. You’ll be able to incorporate them into your Christmas carols due to it.

It is recommended to feed the Batty Slime its favorite fruit, pomegranates. It will increase the amount of plorts they produce by twofold! Batty Slimes love the minerals contained in pomegranates therefore feeding them this delicious fruit will guarantee they produce twice as many Slime Rancher Slimes plorts, as is the norm.


Batty Slime Batty Slime will be your Slime to pick for those who want something unique. Even though it might be a threat to your money, the slime is a valuable addition to your property. You now know all the information within this guide to slime Rancher 2 guide.

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