Snkrtown Reviews {Aug 2022} Is It Legitimate Website? Complete Information Here!

Snkrtown Review describes the website for sneakers and the legitimacy test results. It also highlights the positive and the negative points.

Do you love to wear unique sneakers? Did you know that the way we look tells a story about us. It reflects our daily thoughts. It is important to choose the right dress and shoes.

People are looking for unique sneakers. A website that is based on United States offers the most unique sneakers. We will be discussing the website and its Skrtown Reviews.

Information about the website

Jenny founded the snkrtown website in 2020. They believe sneakers and streetwear can tell many stories. They put a lot into each pair of sneakers to fit the customers’ lifestyles. All their collections are original in design.

Sneaker Town products include:

  • Classic shoes for dogs
  • Floral sneakers with butterflies for women
  • Vulcanized doggie paw autumn sneakers.
  • Vintage bookshelf-themed sneakers
  • A roaster, a dragonfly and keyboards.
  • Sneakers for women featuring vulcanized mermaid prints


Is Snkrtown Legit To answer this question, we have reviewed the specifications of the website. This is an important factor to remember when shopping online.

  • Customers can buy at:
  • Email address:
  • They have given two addresses. 1) 15117 main street, mill creek, WA 98012, U.S .2) 2425 Alhambra Ave, LA, CA 90031, United States.
  • Phone number: They do not give the details of the contact number.
  • Social media activity: We can see accounts under the name “snkrtown”, but these accounts are not associated to this website. This indicates that they are not active on social media.
  • Originality of content: 100%
  • Snkrtown Review: Customer reviews are not available.
  • Privacy policy: They have discussed with customers the details of the collection and safe storage of their data, as well as the rights of the customer.
  • Shipping policy: The shipping costs are determined by the location of the customer. They deliver the products to the UK and the USA. It can take between 8 and 23 days depending on where you live.
  • Return policy: Customers must contact customer service within seven days after receiving their product. They will review customer complaints.
  • Refund policy: Only eligible products that have been returned will be eligible for a refund.
  • PayPal and card facility payment options

Snkrtown Review is not available on the website or anywhere else on the internet. We need to run the necessary tests to discover its true face.

Positive highlights

  • These colorful and unique sneaker collections are like custom shoes made for you.
  • Thank you for providing a detailed description of your product.
  • They have not announced any unrealistic discounts.

Negative highlights

  • Website layout is not user-friendly.
  • They are more expensive than brand shoes.
  • They don’t offer any discounts on shipping costs, even though the shoes are very expensive.

Legitimacy assessment

Is Snkrtown Legal is one indicator that reflects the legitimacy of the website’s nature. Let’s find out.

  • Domain age: The snkrtown domain was created on 15 April 2022. Domain age is 4 months
  • Domain expiry date unknown: The domain expiration date for the unknown domain is 15 April 2023. Short domain life.
  • Name of the Registrar: It is registered under
  • Website trust score: Very low score, 1%
  • Data safety: The proper HTTPS protocol is in place, but we could not guarantee complete data safety using this indicator alone
  • Snkrtown Review: Customer reviews are not available.
  • Score of the website SEO: 67
  • The global Alexa ranking: 3971634
  • Plagiarism score: 0%
  • Missing information: company name, contact number.

Summary of Snkrtown’s reviews

Their website does not contain any customer ratings or reviews. Each product also has 1279 reviews and 4.5 ratings. We couldn’t see the link because it isn’t working. There is no section for customers to leave reviews. They seem to have only given numbers in their reviews. This website does not appear to be legitimate. You can read the Credit Card Fraud article.


The Snkrtown Review gave a thorough explanation of the website. However, it does not appear to be legit because it has a trust score just 1 %, and the fake reviews and ratings.

There wasn’t even a section for customers to leave feedback. Online shopping should be safer for customers. The PayPal scam is also available to readers. To find out more

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