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Steve Mitchell Cause of Death

Steve L. Mitchell, an experienced farrier, died tragically on the 27th of April 2023, as a result of an accident with a shoe. The circumstances surrounding his death aren’t known however, the incident highlights the inherent risks that farriers encounter when they work.

The pressure of working with huge and unpredictable animals can make farriers prone to accidents, but they remain dedicated to their work, offering extraordinary services with a constant dedication. The equestrian world mourns the loss of this remarkable farrier and honours his memory.

Steve Mitchell Obituary

The horse-related community has been profoundly affected by the passing of Steve L. Mitchell. He was a great farrier and his passing has drawn condolences as well as tributes from other farriers, owners of horses and Equestrians.

Cody Dooley, a colleague of Steven’s at Bar D Farrier Services, posted a touching message on Facebook and emphasized the inherent risks involved in the industry. He also praised Steven’s generosity and described Steven as an exceptional person.

Cody encouraged all to collaborate together with the farriers in order to make sure that the horses are safe the horses and the farriers who look after them.

Who was Steve Mitchell?

Born on the 12th of August 1968. Steve Mitchell spent his entire life in the farriery industry as an occupant from Cuba, Missouri. Being one of the most experienced farriers working in the field for over 30 years.

He graduated with an education from Farrier Science from Missouri State University which is where he began his training in Farriery. In his professional life he offered services for hoof and shoe care for a variety of horses, always trying to provide the highest quality possible service.

Steve’s family and friends remembered his kindness and compassion who had a profound love of horses. Steve shared a unique relationship with every horse he handled and was able to recognize the needs of his clients and take care of their issues.

He was not only a skilled farrier, he also was a great companion to a large number of. His customers considered him to be highly respected and he always went over and above to ensure they were happy.

Tributes to Steve Mitchell Death

Jamie Eyrich paid tribute to Steve Mitchell, expressing how Steve will be greatly missed by the horse-loving community. He also expressed desire that Steve would keep his outstanding farriery talents in heaven, in the event that horse riding becomes possible.

Cody Dooley also mourned Steve’s passing and stressed the importance of cooperating with farriers in order to ensure the safety of horses. He acknowledged that Steve’s passing was a major loss to the community and offered Steve peace.

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