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Do you enjoy playing adventurous games? Are you a fan of breaking new records? Do you want to see the latest records on speedrun.com regarding Subway? This article will cover everything you need to know about Subway Surfers. There are new records for those who are Brazil, Portugal, and the United States .

We have therefore decided to share all information about speedrun.com run records. This information will be gathered from Speedrun.com Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers to the New Ice Land Subway Surfers-2022

Iceland 2022 is the 144th installment in the Subway Surfers Grand Tour series. Super Runner Fresh makes his surfing debut in this update. The Bombastic hoverboard, the Frosty Costume and other outfits.

Each episode will have a different token that you can collect. Barcelona is the country that the players must reach in order to unlock the next level. The marathon takes place in Cairo.

The new code V2.36.0 is available. The characters that have been added are Bjarki and Mimi, as well as Clementine.

Speedrun.com Subway Surfers provides new runs.

Below is a list of all the speedrun.com runs that have been scored recently.

  • Ranks
  • Category
  • Players
  • Timings
  • Batch Acquisition
  • All Power-ups
  • Ativan
  • 21 seconds
  • Batch Acquisition
  • Key
  • Ativan
  • 14 seconds
  • 292
  • Coins not won
  • Astraxpd
  • 3 minutes
  • Batch Acquisition
  • Mystery Box
  • Ativan
  • 4 seconds
  • 41
  • Coins not won
  • Zaple
  • 3minutes.
  • 729
  • Coins not won
  • Miguel7777
  • 32 seconds

Information about Speedrun.com

Speedrun.com provides information, leaderboards and other useful information. This is the act of playing video games against the clock to have fun. Subway information can also be found here at Speedrun.com Subway Surfers.

Today, 1,275,971 users have scored 3,205,4444 points in 30,229 matches. All speed runners are welcome to join.

How do you hack the subway surfers?

  • Go to Settings on Android.
  • You can activate “Apps and Notifications.”
  • Select “Advanced” in the menu.
  • Choose “Install Unknown Applications.”
  • Now, open Chrome
  • Search for “Subway-Surfers Hack Mod”.
  • Once you have found the website, download the APK file.
  • Look in your file manager for the APK you have just downloaded.
  • Verify that the file was installed.

What is Speedrun.com Subway Surfers trending?

Speedrun.com isn’t a new website. Speedrun.com is well-known for its ability to provide all information regarding different running games, as well as updating players with any additional information.

This website recently focused on subway surfers. Subway surfers players are now visiting other websites to keep up with the latest news.

Speedrun.com is a website that provides information about Subway Surfers. This is why we believe this trending news.


Speedrun.com Subway Surfers We are closing we would like to say that this website recently received updates about Subway Surfers. You can visit this website to view all records and threads.

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